No. Kim K did not get arrested. But, she did visit the California Women’s Prison known as CIW.
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Kim Kardashian Takes on Women’s Prison Reform at CIW in Corona, CA

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has over the past few months been working on prison reform projects that have kept the world on the edges of their seats. Kim K-West has been reported to be working with various people that run prison reform organizations. An example is Jared Kushner, President Trump’s adviser, and son-in-law. Jared Read More…

Shasta Groene at age 8 in 2005 (left) and today (right).
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Author Shasta Groene Plans Prison Visit with Man Who Raped Her at 8 (Video)

The victim of a serial rapist and murderer, Shasta Groene, is writing and book and planning to meet her rapist and family murderer in prison. But, why? Who is Shasta Groene? Shasta Groene, the lone survivor of a bloody family murder is writing a book. In 2005, the family of Groene was attacked and her Read More…

Drawing of NFL Player Colin Kaepernick Kneeling against police brutality and mass incarceration.
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NFL Players Reject Pardons: Demand Prison Reform Instead

NFL players have rejected President Trump’s request for a list of prisoners that he could pardon. The players request for complete prison reform instead. NFL Speaks Out About Mass Incarceration NFL players have made it clear to President Trump. They possess the right to speak on politics and social injustice. They got the fact across Read More…

Detainees sleep and watch television in a holding cell where hundreds of illegal immigrants are housed together.
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Democrats Fight Back Tears After Visiting Prison Housing Illegal Immigrants

A team of congressmen from Oregon visited a federal illegal immigrant prison facility to see the conditions under which immigrant parents are being housed. The four Democrats visited Sheridan Federal Correctional Institution in Oregon expressed dismay at what the Trump administration is doing to distraught immigrants. Worse of all is how the government is separating immigrant parents from Read More…

Mississippi Prison on Lockdown After Riot Breaksout in 2012
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Mississippi Prisons on Lockdown: Visitations Canceled At This Time

Citing security concerns, the Mississippi Department of Corrections (MDOC) announced it would be locking down all state prisons. The prison lockdown took effect on Friday and would last throughout the weekend. It caused the state facilities to cancel all visits at Mississippi state prisons. This decision certainly affects prison inmates and their loved ones hoping to Read More…

Better parent-child interaction within the prison systems is the LR198 study.
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Visitation cut at Florida state prisons among public uproar

Visitation at all state prisons has been curtailed. The Florida Department of Correction (FDC) has taken this drastic step citing it on: Staff shortages and Safety concerns The Agency says that the smuggling of drugs, weapons, and cellphones into state prisons is on the rise. The officers said the smuggling of these items threatens the Read More…

Prison Tourists Visit Cabarrus Correctional Center
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Southern Grace Distilleries Uses Old Prison Facility for Prison Tours & Whiskey Production

Eighty-two-year-old Cabarrus Correctional Center in North Carolina is now home to a whisky production company. The old prison facility that was opened in 1929 and operated till 2011 once occupied up to 400 prison inmates. Today, the prison facility situated on 21 acres of land is now a wine production plant to Southern Grace Distilleries Read More…