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Prison Tourists Visit Cabarrus Correctional Center
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Southern Grace Distilleries Uses Old Prison Facility for Prison Tours & Whiskey Production

Eighty-two-year-old Cabarrus Correctional Center in North Carolina is now home to a whisky production company. The old prison facility that was opened in 1929 and operated till 2011 once occupied up to 400 prison inmates. Today, the prison facility situated on 21 acres of land is now a wine production plant to Southern Grace Distilleries […]

Abuse at Wisconsin Youth Prison prompts concerns and lawsuits.
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Fox 11 Tours Wisconsin Youth Prison to Find Out the Progress

Just recently, the troubled Wisconsin Youth Prison known as Lincoln Hills School welcomed a few members of the Fox 11 media for a tour. However, no cameras were allowed inside. The visit aimed to find out about the changes being put in place to improve the conditions for the inmates and staffers. This troubled youth […]

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Replacing In-Person Prison Visits with Video Calls: Violation of Inmates’ Legal Rights?

Several state prisons across the US are replacing in-person prison visits with video conferencing only. Now, people are questioning the legality of it. Is this a violation of the prisoners’ legal rights. The question is whether forcing prison inmates to use video calls as means of prison visits, which is expensive to their prison loved […]

Prison Suicide: Richard Tavera pictured with two kids in a family photo.
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Facts to Consider: Why Is Suicide On the Rise Among Georgia Prison Inmates?

Why is there such a spike in suicide rates in Georgia prisons? And why are many inmates in solitary confinements killing themselves? Georgia Prison Suicides Surpasses National Average As at November 9th, 13 inmates in Georgian state prisons had committed suicide in 2017 alone. One of them was on death row and two others were […]

Video Visitation
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Wicked Practices: Replacing Prison Visits with Expensive Video Conferencing

It’s unbearable when your loved one is thrown into prison for a minor infraction. But, it’s just evil when the institution bars you from visiting them. Many prison video conferencing companies charge exorbitant fees to allow you speak to inmates via video screens. It’s is even more wicked when the prison facility forces you to […]

Does this visiting room filled with video visitation phones look kid-friendly to you?
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Douglas County Jail Uses Art & Activities To Be More Kid-Friendly & Less Scary

For most prison kids, visiting their loved ones is always nothing but an opportunity for closure with their incarcerated loved ones. It’s always a bitter-sweet feeling, knowing that they get to see their loved ones for a stipulated period. The serious looking prison atmosphere does a bad job in taking their mind of the fact […]

A woman visits with a Denver County Jail inmate over video-chat.
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Officials React: Denver Watchdog Petitions Against Video-Only Prison Visitation

The city and county jails in Denver only allow visitors to speak to their incarcerated loved ones via a video console. Families are not allowed to have physical contact with inmates. Visits are video-only. Watchdog Explains Unfairness of Video-Only Prison Visits in Denver One of the Denver jails was intentionally designed that way to make […]

Southeastern Correctional Institution Sponsored a Family Holiday for about 100 inmates.
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Prison Allows Inmates & Their Families to Celebrate the Holidays Early

Wings for LIFE International & Prison Fellowship, a prison outreach, put together a program that united families separated by bars this Christmas. With the help of volunteers, the Southeastern Correctional Institution (SCI) saw early holidays. 94 inmates at SCI had a chance to spend a Family day with their prison loved ones. Hugging prison wives, sons, daughters, […]

Williams County Correctional Center Video Visitations
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Inmates Go a Month Without Jail Visits Due to Video System Breakdown

For approximately a month now, inmates in the older segment of the Williams County Jail haven’t had access to video visitations, the only means of jail visits. The inconvenience was caused by delays in connecting the Williams County Correctional Center’s new video visitation systems with the older one. The communication breakdown issue started following the […]

Better parent-child interaction within the prison systems is the LR198 study.
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Florida’s Cancelled Prison Visits May Finally Be Explained

For one weekend in August, the Florida Department of Corrections surprisingly canceled visits for inmates of all major prisons from friends and family members. They said that it was due to a planned march in Washington D.C. for inmates’ rights. Authorities also said that some prisoners might have been prompted to create problems. Why Did […]