Here in the US, there are some really famous prisons that are open to the public for tours. Some of these facilities are rumored to be haunted. Others have been shut down for good. We report on public prison tours open to the general public.

Prison Tourists Visit Cabarrus Correctional Center
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Southern Grace Distilleries Uses Old Prison Facility for Prison Tours & Whiskey Production

Eighty-two-year-old Cabarrus Correctional Center in North Carolina is now home to a whisky production company. The old prison facility that was opened in 1929 and operated till 2011 once occupied up to 400 prison inmates. Today, the prison facility situated on 21 acres of land is now a wine production plant to Southern Grace Distilleries […]

Teens will dress and work as prison guards during the Art 180 virtual jail cell tour.
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Art 180’s Exhibit Offers Virtual Jail Cell Experience to Teens

Art 180’s Atlas Gallery has collaborated with 10 teens who were previously incarcerated at the Richmond Juvenile Detention Center to present the “My Reality” virtual jail cell exhibit. With its virtual reality element, the exhibit takes visitors to a virtual jail cell experience and lets them see incarceration through the eyes of jailed teens. Art […]

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Is Jackson, MI’s Tourism Site Profiting Off Prisoners by Promoting Jailhouse Tours?

Visit the Jackson, Michigan tourism website, and you will get one thing right straight away. They are really hyping up their jailhouse prison tours. The Michigan based venture’s website reads in part that Jackson owes about 200-years’ worth of success and growth to something that many people would not suspect, prisons. History of Jackson State […]

Haunted Halloween Tours: “Escape from Blood Prison” Opens on October 12
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Haunted Halloween Tours: Escape from Blood Prison Opens on October 12

Lovers of Haunted Halloween tours are in for a hellish experience at the Ohio State Reformatory this fall. Starting from October 12 through November 5, tourists will watch Escape from Blood Prison in all its gory details. During this event, selected actors will be dressed in horror costumes with creepy background music to draw out […]

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Come in Contact With Ghosts of Executed Inmates at a Haunted Prison

Prison Tours: Do you wish to sleep alone overnight in a haunted prison? Visit Somerset’s Shepton Mallet Prison cells where executed prisoners once stayed. Then you must book a space in Somerset’s Shepton Mallet Prison. This is the UK’s most haunted prison and formerly UK’s oldest operating system. Shepton Mallet Prison in Somerset, United Kingdom, […]

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‘HAUNTober’ Brings Joy At An Old Haunted Brushy Mountain Prison

Suzanne Park announced the name of this year’s Moundsville Economic Development Council (MEDC) Halloween activity. The name given is HAUNTober. And, it involves the old terrifying Brushy Mountain State Prison. The council leased the old West Virginia prison for 25-years. It uses it to promote prison tourism in the local area. This building was built in […]

One of the original cell blocks at the closed Iowa State Penitentiary
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Abandoned 178-Year-Old Iowa State Penitentiary Opens for Public Prison Tours to Raise Money

Abandoned 178-year-old Iowa State Penitentiary will be open for touring from October 7-8. The objective of the public prison tours is to raise private investment funds. The funds will be used to prepare a report that the government can rely on for a decision on passing off the facility to private investors. A tour around […]