Mass Incarceration of Children: Numerous immigrant kids are housed at this overcrowded tent encampment.
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Private Prison Industry Thrives Thanks to Trump’s Immigration Reform (Videos)

In the 1980s, President Ronald Reagan embraced the idea of for-profit prisons. This led to a big boom. Today, these privately ran prisons are homes to numerous undocumented migrants, including children. Thomas W. Beasley Makes Private Prison History Thomas W. Beasley is a savvy businessman responsible for the big private prison boom of 1983. He Read More…

The Delco Coalition for Prison Reform holding a public hearing about de-privatizing George W. Hill Correctional Facility from The GEO Group.
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Public VS Private Prisons: Delaware County Battles GEO Group Again

Residents and advocacy groups in Delaware County want officials to end their contract with private prison operator GEO Group Int and take back control. The Delaware Council comes under intense heat. Individuals and prison reform groups want an end to its relationship with the GEO Group Int. GEO manages the county’s George W. Hill Correctional Read More…

A group of inmates being transferred from Vermont to Kentucky.
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Transfer of Vermont Inmates to an Unknown Mississippi Prison

Due to contract negotiations, Vermont inmates are being uprooted again. This time, all the way to a Mississippi prison. Which one is unclear at the moment. On August 27th, the Department of Corrections (DOC) completed its dialogue with an out-of-state prison. It agreed during the meetings, lawyers and state officials will sign the contract that Read More…

CoreCivic's entrance to their headquarters.
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CoreCivic Gets Contract Extension in Montana Despite Lawsuits and Reputation

Not regarding its terrible reputation and numerous lawsuits over human rights abuses, Gov. Bullock of Montana went and renewed the contract of CoreCivic. CoreCivic, one of the largest private prison companies in America, is at it again. This time, it succeeded at manipulating the Montana governor into winning a contract extension. The private prison establishment Read More…

South Florida activists take action against ICE, GEO Group
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Local Residents Kick GEO Group Out of Private Prison Business

Local residents of Lancaster County in Pennsylvania have used people power to kick Geo Group out of business. GEO Group is one of the largest private prison companies in the United States. They have now lost their business in Lancaster County because the local community united against them. The people now understand that preventing profit-seeking Read More…