Ban the Box makes it possible for more people with records to land job interviews.
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Fair Chance Policies: How ‘Ban the Box’ Helps Ex-Prisoners Get Jobs

Over 150 cities and 33 states are now adopting Ban the Box movement. This is a policy that prompts employers to first consider a candidate’s qualifications before looking at their conviction records. The policy breathed its life from the works of All of Us or None. What Is ‘All of Us or None’? This grassroots Read More…

Ban the Box: Protecting Your Rights or Disguising Your Past
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Pros & Cons of Ban the Box Movement: Does Racism Still Rule?

Today, about 70 million adults in the US have criminal records. This leaves them scuffling to find jobs for felons that can actually sustain their daily lives. Does Ban the Box handle this? Or, does racism stop it in its tracks? Will Employers Hire Ex-Offenders? Employer Preferences, Background Checks, and Their Determinants A study was Read More…

Jobs for Felons
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New eBook: Felon’s 2019 Guide to Finding a Job & Becoming an Entrepreneur

Prison Rideshare Network is proud to announce the launch of the eBook The Felon’s 2019 Guide to Finding a Job & Becoming an Entrepreneur. And, it’s FREE to download on Amazon from Wednesday, 11/21 to Sunday, 11/25. This is a useful tool for anyone currently or formerly incarcerated and/or with a felony record. Don’t let your Read More…

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey (right) shaking a prison inmate's hand at a job fair meant to reduce recidivism.
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Second Chance Program Reduces Recidivism for Arizona Prison Inmates

The Second Chance program seeks to reduce recidivism in Arizona. It aims to achieve this by giving prison inmates aid through job and life skills training. Many prisoners under the program are mainly those highly likely to commit another crime upon release. The Second Chance Program vs Arizona Recidivism Rates The Second Chance Program has Read More…

California's inmate firefighters are cheap labor for a dangerous job.
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Licensing Restrictions Deny California’s Ex-Prisoners Jobs After Fighting Deadly Fires

California’s prison firefighter programs educate and train inmates for future employment. But require specific licenses to get real jobs after release. To get a license, you can’t have a criminal record. The California Department of Corrections says there are at least 2,000 inmates currently fighting the wildfires in the state. The fires include the Mendocino Read More…

An ad for Grant Blvd. featuring two women holding flowers in front of a flowery backdrop.
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Eco-Friendly Clothing Line Raises Funds Towards Prison Reform

Grant Blvd is sewing and selling women’s clothing to do their part to support prison reform. The gear, made from natural materials, supports prison inmates through book donations to Books Through Bars. In its own way, Grant Blvd (a nonprofit) is fighting for prison reform. It does this by sewing trendy clothes using environmentally-friendly materials. Read More…

A black woman protesting the lack of employment that she and many other black women are offered in society.
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Discrimination at Play: Finding Work After Incarceration as a Black Woman

Black women released from prisons have a harder times finding a job than anyone. Their unemployment rate is 43%. Steps need to be taken to reduce unemployment rates for them.   It’s no secret that reintegrating after incarceration is difficult. For a system that includes the name “corrections” in its title, our prison system is Read More…