Gypsy Rose Blanchard smiling during everyday life in prison after playing a part in her mother's murder.
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Famous Prisoners: How Murder Freed Gypsy Rose Blanchard from Illness

After years of fake illness, Gypsy Rose Blanchard was sentenced to prison for her mother’s murder. She’s more free behind bars than in her own home. Dee Dee Blanchard was stabbed to death in 2015. Her daughter, Gypsy Rose Blanchard, plead guilty to the crime. One would think at this point, Gypsy is facing the Read More…

Juvenile Offenders and Corrections Officers during a violent incident at Horizon Juvenile Detention Center in New York.
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New Safety Reforms Are Necessary At Horizon Juvenile Center

Teens transferred from Rikers Island to Horizon Juvenile Center are met with worst conditions. Fights erupted injuring 40 correction officers. The news was released that 40 prison officers were injured at the Horizon Juvenile Center in the South Bronx. This indicates an obvious need for a better solution to mend the state of the facility. Read More…

17-Year-Old Pedro Hernandez Stayed on Rikers Island to Clear His Name, Just Like Kalief Browder.
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Kalief Browder Debate Continues: Raise the Age Law & Rehabilitating Teens

The Raise the Age legislation took effect in New York on October 1. All youth offenders below the age of 18 were transferred from Rikers Island into juvenile detention centers. New York City’s Rikers Island is notorious for housing hardened criminals, yet teenagers sentenced as adults were once housed there too. New York Mayor Bill Read More…

Kalief Browder (left) & Akeem Browder (right), whose fighting to shut down Riker's Island forever
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Akeem Browder Continues a Story That Proves the Need for Change

Sixteen is the age when most are planning big parties, college prep tests and driving lessons. But, this wasn’t the case for Kalief Browder, whose case has turned his brother, Akeem, into a prison advocate. And, he wants Riker’s Island shut down for good. Teen-hood is a time parents are trying to wrap their heads Read More…

Richie Merritt (left) compared to an older image of Rich Wershe Jr., the subject of the film White Boy Rick.
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The Story of White Boy Rick: How a Teenager Was Left to Rot In Prison

After helping the FBI at 15, Rick Wersche Jr. was put in prison for a life they helped. In 1987, he got life without parole at 17. He is still there today.   By the age of 16, most teenagers are experiencing their firsts in life. First car, first job, first love. Richard Wershe Jr.’s Read More…

White Boy Rick - Official Trailer - YouTube
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White Boy Rick: The Youngest FBI Informant Ever Finally Gets Recognition

In 1988, at just 17, Detroit, Michigan resident Rick Wershe Jr. was sentenced to life in prison for cocaine distribution. It was the end of the Reagan Era. That year, George H.W. Bush became the president-elect and a gallon of gas cost 91 cents. And, the infamous White Boy Rick was born.  Wershe has spent 29 years behind Read More…

Policing in schools sends kids to prisons, adding to the country's school-to-prison pipeline.
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Policing in Schools: The New Gateway to the School-to-Prison Pipeline

In the past, bad behavior incidences were dealt with inside the schools and with students’ parents. Today, juvenile arrests in schools have gotten out of control. Bad Behavior Now Leads to Prisons Directly from Schools A misbehaving child is a common thing in schools. Some of the common “bad” behaviors include: Rudely speaking to teachers and Read More…

Lowell Correctional Institution inmates celebrate earning high school degrees
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Reading Improves Inmates’ Lives While Tackling School-to-Prison Pipeline

Nonprofit groups around the country are offering reading programs with the goal of increasing prison literacy rates to reduce recidivism among inmates. Also, these prison programs seek to create opportunities for incarcerated parents to read and spend time with their children. They hope this will make a positive impact on the school-to-prison pipeline. Can Programs Read More…

Riverside California Youth Accountability Team YAT. Looks like mass incarceration of youth.
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California Uses Probation to Increase the School-to-Prison Pipeline

In California, probation is used as an alternative to prison. It is for people who have committed serious offenses, but who are believed to have the capacity to be safely rehabilitated and held accountable to the community. At least, that’s how it works for adults. For children in Riverside County, California, it’s an entirely different Read More…

A young Cyntoia Brown looking uneasy during her trial.
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Will Federal Appeals Court Issue Clemency for Cyntoia Brown’s Teen Life Sentence?

Cyntoia Brown was tried as an adult when she was just 16 years old. She is still serving life in prison 14 years later. in 2004, she was convicted of murdering a 43-year-old man who’d picked her up to have sex with her. A federal appeals court hearing her case for leniency in her sentence will Read More…