Policing in schools sends kids to prisons, adding to the country's school-to-prison pipeline.
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Policing in Schools: The New Gateway to the School-to-Prison Pipeline

In the past, bad behavior incidences were dealt with inside the schools and with students’ parents. Today, juvenile arrests in schools have gotten out of control. Bad Behavior Now Leads to Prisons Directly from Schools A misbehaving child is a common thing in schools. Some of the common “bad” behaviors include: Rudely speaking to teachers and Read More…

Lowell Correctional Institution inmates celebrate earning high school degrees
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Reading Improves Inmates’ Lives While Tackling School-to-Prison Pipeline

Nonprofit groups around the country are offering reading programs with the goal of increasing prison literacy rates to reduce recidivism among inmates. Also, these prison programs seek to create opportunities for incarcerated parents to read and spend time with their children. They hope this will make a positive impact on the school-to-prison pipeline. Can Programs Read More…

Riverside California Youth Accountability Team YAT. Looks like mass incarceration of youth.
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California Uses Probation to Increase the School-to-Prison Pipeline

In California, probation is used as an alternative to prison. It is for people who have committed serious offenses, but who are believed to have the capacity to be safely rehabilitated and held accountable to the community. At least, that’s how it works for adults. For children in Riverside County, California, it’s an entirely different Read More…

A young Cyntoia Brown looking uneasy during her trial.
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Will Federal Appeals Court Issue Clemency for Cyntoia Brown’s Teen Life Sentence?

Cyntoia Brown was tried as an adult when she was just 16 years old. She is still serving life in prison 14 years later. in 2004, she was convicted of murdering a 43-year-old man who’d picked her up to have sex with her. A federal appeals court hearing her case for leniency in her sentence will Read More…

Ahmed Mohamed was a 14 year old boy in Texas when he was arrested for bringing a clock to school that administrators mistook for a bomb.
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The Lives of 4 Teens Incarcerated: Accepting Their Fates While Behind Bars

Detained juveniles are often scared kids who feel they were never heard or supported by their families. These ‘villains’ can be victims, who repeat the cycles of incarceration as they head towards adulthood. Even so, they’ve accepted their fates while in jail. This is the stories of four incarcerated youth living their lives behind bars. 4 Read More…

Anthony Dixon will finally be released from Florida prison system at age 57.
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14-Year-Old Teen Convicted As Adult Lifer in 1975 to Be Released at Age 57

In 1975, 14-year-old teen Anthony Dixon convicted as an adult was sentenced to life imprisonment for sexual battery. He was sentenced to life in prison as a teen. Dixon wasn’t given a trial, and no evidence was presented against him. He will be released after serving 43 years in prison, at the ripe age of 57. Teen Read More…

Girls Incarcerated Chapter 8 Moving Mountains
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Girls Incarcerated: The Pros & Cons of a Show About Teen Incarceration

Girls Incarcerated: Young and Locked Up is a TV show about teen incarceration… specifically girls. The show, which follows the troubled lives of 15 teenage girls in Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility located in Indiana, has received mixed reviews. Viewers get to see the lives of these incarcerated teens from the inside. The first season premiered Read More…

Lakeith Smith
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Teen Gets 65 Years in Prison After Turning Down Plea Deal For 25 Years

A teenager who was tried on Thursday as an adult was sent to 65 years in prison instead of 25 under Alabama’s accomplice liability law after discarding an earlier plea that recommended 25 years. The Case of Lakeith Smith In March, the Montgomery resident Lakeith Smith who is now 18 was convicted of felony murder, burglary and Read More…

Girls Incarcerated: Najwa Pollard
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Girls Incarcerated: A Long, Hard Look at the Lives of Incarcerated Teens

The TV in America has tried to bring into light what really happens to the incarcerated teens. There are documentaries and fictional TV series that highlight the daily struggles of the young women in different correctional facilities in America. Netflix in union with Loud TV and Plum Pictures produced a documentary series on Netflix’s Girls Read More…