The prison loved ones community is very active on Instagram. We report regularly on some of the most liked community hashtags on IG, such as #prisonwives, #prisondaughters, #prisonmothers, etc…

This Kim Kardashian prison meme is the #1 Liked #PrisonVisits post on Instagram.
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Instagram’s Top 9 Liked #PrisonVisits Posts 09.16.2017

#PrisonVisits are one of the most important things incarcerated inmates need. Some turn to pen pals and advocacy groups. Others rely on visits from their loved ones to make their time behind bars easier. The #PrisonLovedOnes community is very active. We enjoy posting pictures of ourselves preparing for visits to prisons and headed to prisons […]

#3 on the List of Top 9 Liked #PrisonDaughter of Instagram Posts for 08.27.2017
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Instagram’s Top 9 Liked #PrisonDaughter Posts 08.27.2017

One thing I know for sure, is that it is definitely not easy being a #PrisonDaughter. This is especially true when you’re the adult daughter of a prisoner. In my case, the inmate is my mom. She was arrested in February 2004. At the time, it was the hardest day of my life. The Lives […]

Taraji P Henson is the feature of the #9 #PrisonWives of Instagram post for August 5, 2017.
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Top 9 Liked #PrisonWives of Instagram Posts (08/05/2017)

Saturday, August 5, 2017 – The #PrisonWives of Instagram are never a quiet group. Between memes and prison visit pictures, we’re never left wondering how strong love can be when faith is involved. These women are fearless, strong, faithful and of course loyal… not just to their incarcerated husbands… but, to the prison families which […]