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These Prison Wives Are Credited with the “Sanity” of the Menendez Brothers

The Menendez brothers, Lyle and Erik, were convicted of murdering their parents 30 years ago. This resulted in them being given life sentences. Both have prison wives who support them and help keep their prison marriages strong. Having being imprisoned in the 90’s, the Menendez Brothers can barely relate to the changes that have occurred […]

Phil lspector
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Murderer Phil Spector Begins Romantic Affair with New Lover in Prison

Phil Spector, a music producer turned murderer, has fallen head over heels in love in prison. What began as a prison correspondence has dovetailed into a romantic relationship. His new lover is Julie Johnson, the founder of an environmental design company in California. Close sources say Johnson fell for Spector because she loves his way […]

Orville Lynn Majors, AKA the Angel of Death, 10 years ago right after his arrest.
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The End of a Serial Killer: Infamous Angel of Death Dies in Prison

Orville Lynn Majors, Jr. was a 43-year-old male nurse when he was sentenced to 360 years in prison in 1999 for six murders. Also known as the Angel of Death, he died at 56 of natural causes, according to autopsy reports. Majors reported difficulty breathing and became unconscious. The Indiana State Prison in Michigan officers […]

Until the end, there were still reported cases of new and current members and supporters of The Manson Family. At 80 years old, Charles Mason married Storm, and 18-year-old woman, and new member to The Manson Family.
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Famous Prisoners: Quentin Tarantino Planning to Film Movie About The Manson Family Murders

Lovers of Quentin Jerome Tarantino’s movies are in for another blockbuster from the American director, writer and actor. This may be Tarantino’s second to the last film, and it is set to be about the Manson Family Murders of the 1960’s. Manson Family Murders Movie: Budget, Title, Release Date Still Unknown Charles Mason and his “family” […]