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Does this visiting room filled with video visitation phones look kid-friendly to you?
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Douglas County Jail Uses Art & Activities To Be More Kid-Friendly & Less Scary

For most prison kids, visiting their loved ones is always nothing but an opportunity for closure with their incarcerated loved ones. It’s always a bitter-sweet feeling, knowing that they get to see their loved ones for a stipulated period. The serious looking prison atmosphere does a bad job in taking their mind of the fact […]

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Bitcoin for Prisoners

Bitcoin for Prisoners   The details below is for information and entertainment purposes only.   This is not tax, legal or investment advice.   Always do your own research before investing your money. There’s always a chance you may lose all or part of your profit and initial investment. Every investment isn’t for everyone.   […]

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Disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner Solicits Prison Pen Pals via Email

Anthony Weiner is indeed a disgraced congressman following his 21 months sentencing to a federal prison. Having reported to prison on November, the New York Democrat is now requesting for penpals to make his jail term enjoyable. Weiner is incarcerated for engaging in sexually explicit chats with a 15-year-old teenager. Weiner pleaded guilty to sending […]


Prison Inmates in Maryland to Prepare and Cook 275 Turkeys for Thanksgiving Dinner

A 36 years old tradition is playing out again soon inside Maryland prisons with prison inmates cooking 275 turkeys for Thanksgiving. The tradition began in 1981 when Bea Gaddy used her lottery winnings prepare dinner for 49 neighbors. Today, family and friends of Bea Gaddy enlist the help of prison inmates to feed nearly 50,000 […]