WCCW: Job training program helps change the mindsets of women in this Washington state prison.
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Beating Recidivism: Washington Prison Trains Women for Jobs in Construction

Inmates at Washington Corrections Center for Women (WCCW) in Gig Harbor are part of more than 2 million people incarcerated in the U.S. Unfortunately, many people who leave have the problems of facing more time. They find living outside the walls  hard. Recidivism is a major problem keeping them coming back over and over again. Many Read More…

Vagina Monologues Production at New York's Taconic Correctional Facility
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US Prison Reform: Why Are Incarcerated Women Being Ignored?

Today in U.S. prisons, women are the fastest-growing population. However, the effect this has on their prison families has been extensively disregarded. This was an issue discussed at a New York conference held Wednesday. Steps toward putting into place long-term solutions for women in prisons and their children and families remain too few and far Read More…

Monica Cosby after spending 20 years in prison talks about how she almost got sent back because she could not get movement to register her address with authorities.
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NPR Report Shows Women Disciplined Harsher Than Men in Prisons

During the conversations between Monica Cosby, Tyteanna Williams and Celia Colon they often reflect on years they spent as inmates at a women’s prison in Illinois. The stories they share frequently turn to the times they would be punished for what seemed like most trivial, even senseless things. Women Prisoners Subjected to Frivolous Punishments Inside Read More…

The Play Are in the Visiting Room at SDWP
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Peek Inside South Dakota Women’s Prison Where Peace & Quiet Reign Supreme

There are three levels of security at South Dakota Women’s Prison (SDWP) in Pierre. But it is one facility where security levels matter little. The inmates live free and are largely at peace with one another. This prison facility is a controlled environment where women serve out their sentences in quiet and relative peace. But Read More…

Pictures of Ronald Coleman and Brian Y. Ambroise, two prison officers accused of sexually assaulting prison inmates.
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Officers Charged with Sexual Assault at a New Jersey Women’s Prison

NJ Advance Media discovered sexual assault of inmates at the only New Jersey women’s prison. These assaults were being carried out by the employees.   Sexual Assault Scandal in New Jersey Prison Sexual assault indictments from New Jersey’s only women’s prison have been filed. One correctional officer has formerly been charged with sexual assault. He Read More…

Dirty Drinking Water
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Women’s Prison Serves Inmates & Prison Babies Copper-Contaminated Water

Inmates at a Nebraska Women’s Prison complain of dirty, tannish water. Reports say copper levels are too high, including inside the prison’s baby nursery. For a couple of years now, inmates at the Nebraska Correctional Center for Women (NCCW) in York have complained about the water quality in the facility. This is the water they Read More…

A scene from Orange is the New Black, featuring a group of female inmates in an overcrowded prison.
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Overcrowding in the Women’s Huron Valley Facility Causing Harm

What is happening at the WHV correctional facility located near Ypsilanti is against the US Constitution. It is unusual and cruel punishment. According to experts, locking up inmates in Michigan’s a women’s prison in Huron Valley is sentencing them to unusual and cruel punishment. According to them, what is happening in the facility near Ypsilanti Read More…

#LetItFlow Social Campaign for Incarcerated Women: Christy Chavis
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#LetItFlow Leads Social Movement to Treat Incarcerated Women with Dignity

#LetItFlow launched a campaign that left one Arizona Republican blushing in his boots. Now, along with help from #cut50, this social movement is inspiring real prison reform for women inmates. Prison advocates have been buzzing loud about the way women are treated in prisons. They believe women inmates are stripped of basic human dignities, sparking Read More…

Theresa Livengood, who is serving a life sentence at the Lowell Correctional Facility, breaks down in tears as she talks about the facility.
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DOJ Investigates a Florida Women’s Prison Following Claims of Sexual Abuse

An investigation is open by the Department of Justice (DOJ) against Lowell Correctional Institution, based on complaints of sexual misconduct and other abuses in the Florida women’s prison. An investigation has been opened by the the US Federal DOJ. It  follows the complaints of sexual misconduct and other abuses filed by the women inmates. The Read More…