Wakeshia Wilson was found dead in her Los Angeles jail cell. Her loved ones do NOT believe it was suicide.
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Wakeisha Wilson’s Family Challenges LAPD Over Her Questionable Death (Video)

Wakeisha Wilson died in 2016 in police custody. Initially, her death was ruled as suicide. Her family and the Black Lives Matter Los Angeles members rejected Wilson had committed suicide while in custody. A meeting at the LAPD turned ugly when Wilson’s aunt threw her cremated ashes at the Police Chief, so she can “stay Read More…

Corrections Officers Arrested for Sexual Misconduct at NJ Women's Prison
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Out With The Old In With The New: Bittersweet Reactions to Gary Lanigan’s Retirement

Gary Lanigan, New Jersey’s corrections commissioner, is retiring from his position. An appointed spokesman refused to comment on why. This comes months after his renomination was stalled due to an ongoing investigation into the sexual abuse allegations at the state New Jersey’s women’s prison. What’s the Deal with New Jersey Corrections Commissioner Gary Lanigan? Gary Read More…

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Women vs Men: Inequality in Job Training Programs in US Prisons

Reports suggest women are treated differently than men in prisons in terms of the various vocational programs offered to them through the facilities. Men have more programs available that can actually land them jobs after release. Women’s prison vocational services are geared towards their gender and are very limited in terms of making them marketable Read More…

Voter fraud in the USA
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“I’ll Never Vote Again,” Texas Woman Says after Being Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison for Voting

Forty-three-year-old Crystal Mason had the rights to vote under federal law, but not under Texas state law – because she was a felon on probation. She was recently released from federal prison after a 3-year sentence. Now she is going back to prison to spend five more years for voting because she did not realize Read More…

Me Too
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Hysterectomy Woes: #MeToo Highlights Feminine Hygiene Needs

Kimberly Haven served a 15-month sentence in a Maryland prison. While there, Haven says she wasn’t provided with female hygiene products. So she had to use tissue paper instead, which led to a hysterectomy after her release. However, after her 2015 release, Haven realized that she had conducted some infections due to using tissue papers. The Read More…

Pregnant While Incarcerated
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ICE Justifies Detaining Pregnant Women In U.S. Immigration Jails

In a significant shift in the agency’s stated policies, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials said they will have no problems anymore when it comes to detaining pregnant women in its immigration jails. ICE justified the change citing that President Donald Trump’s executive order on required stricter implementation policies. This relates to the internal Read More…

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The Waiting Game: Why Dance Moms Star Abby Lee Miller Remains in Prison Up Till Now

Former Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller is presently playing a waiting game with the Bureau of Prisons. She is still incarcerated beyond the February 20 date earlier set for her prison release. Her prison release date remains unknown at the moment, ETOnline reports. But an insider reveals the reasons behind the development. Abby Lee Read More…

Progressive Women of NEPA
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Advocacy Groups Demand Reforms Over Abuses in Lackawanna County Prison

Co-founder of the activist group Progressive Women of NEPA, Stephanie Bressler, joins other activist groups to seek dramatic reforms at the Lackawanna County Prison, Pennsylvania. Bressler is working through the frequent meetings of the Lackawanna County Prison Board to push for changes at the correctional center. The advocacy for these changes became escalated when seven Read More…

The Department of Corrections (DOC) in Washington is shifting to more gender-specific treatment of women in prisons. (Mike Siegel/Seattle Times/MCT)
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Rates of Women Incarceration Worldwide Higher Than Population Growth

The rates at which women are getting locked up globally are becoming very alarming. They are thrown into prisons in every country at rates higher than the population growths of each country. To make matters worse, women are incarcerated for many offenses that men would walk for ultimately. With millions of women entering the labor Read More…