Tasker Spruill in Court. He was exonerated, then sent back to prison again.
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Tasker Spruill Was Exonerated. So, Why Is He Headed Back to Prison?

Just 14 months after vacating Tasker Spruill’s guilty conviction, the appeals court has changed its mind. He has been reincarcerated after already spending 23 years in prison. A judge in Brooklyn recently gave an order to re-incarcerate Tasker Spruill, 51. It was only 14 months after he was exonerated and released from prison. The decision Read More…

Recently released Anthony Gay hugging his mother Shirley.
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After Decades in Solitary Confinement, Anthony Gay is Finally Free

After 24 years of solitary confinement, Anthony Gay is finally free. Gay was incarcerated in 1994 for robbing a fellow teen of a dollar bill and his hat.   After 24 years of solitary confinement, Anthony Gay is finally free. Gay was incarcerated in the year 1994. At that time, he was a teenager. He Read More…

Meek Mill Headed to Court
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Meek Mills Advocates for Release of Innocent Philadelphia Prisoner

Meek Mills uses his name for prison reform and justice. He advocates for an innocent men serving 27 years of a life sentence for a crime he did not commit. For years, we’ve heard about people being released from prisons after their DNA cleared them from wrongful convictions. After they are released, they get basic Read More…

Dwight Hammond Jr. and Steven Hammond report to San Pedro Prison to serve time for arson.
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The People Behind President Trump’s Pardons – Where Are They Now?

Within just a year-and-a-half in office, President Donald Trump has offered pardons and commutations to nine people. The convictions range in severity, with several having to do with fraud and his highly conservative agenda. Where are they now? Pardons Made by President Trump So Far Dwight Hammond Jr. and Steven Hammond This father-son farming duo Read More…

A group of mothers in prison with their infant children.
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Babies Behind Bars: The Positive Results of Prison Nurseries

Due to prison populations of women increasing, programs are starting to be created for mothers and their babies. Prisons with nurseries are one solution. Raising a child is one of the most rewarding yet challenging things a person can experience. It becomes even more of a challenge doing it alone…while in prison. That is exactly Read More…

Cathy woods 1976 murder convict
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1976 Reno Murder: Woman Wrongfully Jailed 35 Years Seeking Damages

Cathy Woods was wrongfully jailed for 35 years for the 1976 Reno murder of Michelle Mitchell, a nursing student. Now she is seeking for several millions of dollars as damages. But attorneys said during a federal court hearing on Thursday that Woods may not have the legal competence to seek compensation. They also raised concerns Read More…