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Charles Manson Dead: How CDCR Deals with Sick Inmates

How does California deal with sick inmates such as Charles Manson?

Initially, people who are in prison have a health service made up of doctors, nurses and therapists – but what do they really do with sick inmates like charles manson .

When an inmate worrisome symptoms, he (in the same circumstance of Charles Manson) is taken to get proper medical care. In those cases in which something more serious comes up, the case is evaluated and decisions are made about the treatment or tests that have to be performed.

Reportedly, inmates at California prisons are routinely checked withing prison. Sometimes, they are even taken to outside hospitals for checking or special treatment.

“They remain under CDCR custody and 24-hour supervision during this time,” said Vicky Waters, a department spokeswoman to Los Angeles Times. “CDCR also notifies and works with hospital security and law enforcement.”

The Charles Manson Death

The Charles Manson name remains synonymous with indescribable violence and madness. He died at 8:13 pm of natural causes at the Kern County hospital, according to a statement from the California Department of Corrections.

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While not much information was released, officers were seen around the hospital earlier this year. There is an ongoing series of questions as to how he died or what he was suffering from.

An autopsy will be performed on Manson’s body, but what will happen next is not clear, said Vicky Waters. The authorities said at the time that Manson had no known family members.

According to state law, if no relative or legal representative appears within 10 days, the department will decide if the mortal remains are buried or incinerated.

Charles Manson, the Monster

Charles Manson, one of the most famous criminals of the twentieth century, shook the US in August 1969 with a bloody spiral of violence in which he and followers of his sect, known as “the Manson family”, murdered seven people to provoke a racial war.

Those crimes shocked American society and still do today. They marked a symbolic turn in the counterculture of the 60s and the hippie movement.

In its passage through three prisons (Vacaville, San Quentin and Corcoran), Charles Manson left a long trail of confrontations with jail staff. He insulted, spat on guards’ faces, started fights, tried to cause a flood and set fire to his mattress. Hence, his violent and extravagant outbursts were shown during the trial, which lasted 9 months and a half.

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Also, he was delighted in the attention he received at all times and never once showed remorse for his crimes.


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