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Charles Manson Family Murder Film by Quentin Tarantino: Latest News to Digest

There is a lot of buzz about the proposed Quentin Tarantino’s next movie. There have also been wild speculations if the film will center on the notorious cult leader Charles Manson.

Manson died on Sunday while serving a life sentence for several murders in 1969. Truth however is that the reputation of Tarantino at making epic movies is never in question; but he has revealed very little on the main subject of the movie.


Having produced eight movies so far, Quentin Tarantino said he will be quitting movie production after his 10th movie. Here however are some things to know about next film:

Sony Pictures Won Exclusive Rights to Tarantino’s Next Movie

Tom Rothman, chairman of Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group revealed in an email that his company won worldwide rights to Tarantino’s next film.

“Sony did indeed succeed in securing the worldwide rights in all media to Quentin Tarantino’s next epic film,” Rothman wrote a few days back. “I’m grateful to all who worked to make this happen and confident that we will do a great job for him on this film and others to come.”

Several other marketers strove to win the marketing and distribution of Tarantino’s next movie, but Sony ultimately got it. Some of these include:

  • Fox
  • Warner Bros
  • Universal
  • Annapurna
  • Lionsgate
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The Weinstein Company may have won the rights, but it is currently in shambles at the moment.

Movie to Receive $18 Million California Tax Credit

The California Film Commission has confirmed that it is giving out $18 million in tax credit for Tarantino’s next film. This tax credit is an annual allocation for feature films. In this year’s allocation, a total 11 movies out of 54 movie project applications were awarded a total of $62.8 million in credits. Tarantino’s next film is getting the lionshare of $18 million in tax credits, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The proposed film will be set and shot in Los Angeles beginning next year and finally released in 2019. It is bandied that star casts such as Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio may take the lead male roles. And star actress Margot Robbie may play the lead female role. The working title is said to be #9 to reflect Tarantino’s ninth movie production.

Is This Film about the Charles Manson’s Family Murders?

Tarantino has not been forward about the subject of his next movie. But all pointers indicate it might be set against the background of the Manson Family murders of 1969. Tarantino has not refuted this claim. It is speculated that Margot Robbie will play the role of slain Sharon Tate who the Mansons killed together with her friends back then. Brad Pitt, it is estimated, may play the role of Charles Manson himself.

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