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Common, Hope & Redemption Tour: Folsom State Inmates Feel the Hope

Following the kick off of the Common, Hope & Redemption Tour,  the “Barbershop 3” actor, Common has brought his activism to the forefront with his very own “Imagine Justice Initiative” once again by adorning Folsom State Prison inmates with their very own private concert.

And … the hip hop icon, poet, film producer, and actor had some accompanyment on the Common, Hope & Redemption tour, Folsom Prison visit by the likes of Senator Bradford, some of Bradford’s fellow Senate colleagues, and producer/actor/comedian Mike Epps. All of these celebrities gathered together to convey the Hope & Redemption message to the institution’s staff and residential inmates.

Imagine Justice posted some very inspirational snaps of Common and others via its, “Faces of Mass Incarceration” photo segments. These snaps show inmates raising their hands as they listen to Common’s music and even Common joining the crowd to personally interact with the prisoners.

Common, posted the following sentiments on his official Instagram account regarding his experience at Folsom State Prison,

“I’m blessed to have the opportunity to connect with my brothers inside Folsom State Prison and perform for them to inspire them and spread a message of hope, redemption, justice, love and compassion,” 

More About the Common, Hope & Redemption Tour

The Common, Hope and Redemption Prison Tour kicked off earlier this year when, the recording artists dedicated four days to perform for women and men jailed in California state prisons.

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He also took the time and made sincere efforts to listen and interact with each prisoners as they shared their personal stories with him. (Common, Speaks to a Girl Named Red)

Common also held a special community concert at the Capitol Mall in Sacramento with artists J.Cole, Goapele, and political commentator and activist Van Jones last month.

Common made the following statement about his Hope & Redemption Tour experiences prior to visiting the Folsom Prison:

“The Hope and Redemption Tour was one of the greatest and most awakening experiences of my life,” “It inspired me, as I met some of the most humane and enlightened people. For them to be in such difficult circumstances, yet be aspiring toward hope and their own and others’ humanity, was amazing.”

Common, thank you for your passion and commitment to helping create a better future for those impacted by serving time in prison and their loved ones.

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