New Utah State Prison Groundbreaking
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Construction of New $650 Million State Prison Kicks Off In Salt Lake City

New Utah State Prison Groundbreaking
New Utah State Prison Groundbreaking

Construction of a new state prison has taken off in Salt Lake City, Utah. City officials performed the groundbreaking ceremony recently on the $650 million state prison.

The new correctional facility will cost an estimated $650 million to complete and it is to be sited on about 323 acres of land, Herald Extra reported.

The groundbreaking ceremony was performed by Utah Gov. Gary R. Herbert, executive director Rollin Cook of the Utah Department of Corrections, and Rep. Brad Wilson among other city officials.

It took years of deliberations and public consultations before the authorities finally settled on Salt Lake City where the new prison is to be sited.

Why They Chose Current Site for New $650 Million State Prison

Utah officials broke ground on Salt Lake City's new $650 million state prison.
Utah officials broke ground on Salt Lake City’s new $650 million state prison.

Before the final decision to site the new prison at its presentation, the site selection committee considered a lot of potential sites across the state.

The committee also seriously considered siting it in locations in Eagle Mountain, Fairfield, and Saratoga Springs among others, but residents of these areas turned against the proposal and mountain formidable resistance to the idea.

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Eventually the site selection committee was glad to pick a large spot 10 miles west of Salt Lake City International Airport and nearly two miles north of the 7200 West off Interstate 80.

Gov. Herbert liked the current location, stating it may not be the perfect location to some people, but that it sure yeilds the most returns on investments.

Rep. Brad Wilson, co-chair of the Prison Development Commission, announced that the current site for the prison will attract millions of residents and workers over the next 30 years. According to him:

“This is going to help unleash economic prosperity for the Point of the Mountain for decades to come.”

New $650 Million State Prison to Feature Rehabilitative, Educative and Correctional Services

Gov. Herbert of Utah
Gov. Herbert of Utah

Gov. Herbert disclosed that nearness to major highways and hospitals among other public needs informed the choice for the present site.

He said prison workers and volunteers will be able to easily access public facilities to meet major needs when they begin working at the correctional facility.

Herald Extra reports:

“This is more than simply building a building,” Gov. Herbert said. “This is about rebuilding people’s lives, restoring dignity and opportunity to people, and restoring and providing hope for their future.”

The existing prison in the state was constructed nearly 75 years ago and fast falling into disrepair. The new one to be built will be a state-of-the-art correctional facility with rehabilitative and educational services which are lacking in the previous prison.

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