CoreCivic's entrance to their headquarters.
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CoreCivic Gets Contract Extension in Montana Despite Lawsuits and Reputation

Not regarding its terrible reputation and numerous lawsuits over human rights abuses, Gov. Bullock of Montana went and renewed the contract of CoreCivic.

CoreCivic, one of the largest private prison companies in America, is at it again. This time, it succeeded at manipulating the Montana governor into winning a contract extension.

The private prison establishment exploited the economic woes of Montana to stay relevant within its criminal justice system. Now, prisoner advocates and human rights activists are biting their fingers at the trickery.

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It started late last year when Montana suffered a $75 million budget deficit. A meeting convened by Gov. Steve Bullock had members of the executive and legislative branches brainstorming on what they should do. State officials deliberated on whether to increase revenues, remove essential services or do both.

Then, CoreCivic stepped in with an offer. They would provide a $34 million buyback fund to the state. That is, only if Gov. Bullock extended their Crossroads contract for another 10 years.

CoreCivic Is Charged With Gross Human Rights Violations Across All Its Facilities

ACLU rose to the occasion when they heard. They persuaded the people of the state to mount pressure on the governor and various legislators. The intense lobbying paid off.

Gov. Bullock turned down CoreCivic’s offer in November 2017. In July after a swift turn of events, the governor took CoreCivic’s $34 million offer in exchange for a two-year contract extension.

This came as a rude shock to Montanans. They know full well CoreCivic’s abysmal reputation in their state and beyond. The prison company has been charged with hundreds of human rights abuses and prisoner deaths at its facilities.

CoreCivic's entrance to their headquarters.
CoreCivic’s public image will continue to remain tarnished as long as protests against its inhumane imprisonment practices continue. Image Source: Great Falls Tribune

Understaffing issues have led to prison riots. Hundreds of inmates have complained of abandonment and medical neglect in several facilities. The private prison giant is currently facing a mountain of lawsuits from individuals, groups of people and corporate bodies.

Elected Officials Are Corrupt: Pandering to Wiles of Private Prison Industry

The bane of CoreCivic’s business brutality lies in prioritizing profits over people. To make matters worse, elected officials have been bought by the corruption perpetrated by the private prison industry.

A diagram representing the cycle of private prison companies making a profit from overcrowded prisons.
The current private prison system is so riddled with flaws that it’s no wonder people are so vocally against companies like CoreCivic and the GEO Group. Image Source: CagedNation

Gov. Bullock is not the only one politically deceived in Montana. CoreCivic also compromised Congressman Greg Gianforte. The politician put a lot of money into the private prison industry following President Trump’s election. And it worked out. The “private prison business” began to boom under the new administration.

CoreCivic expanded into halfway houses and immigration centers. They got into community corrections and parolee/probationers supervision. All of their expansion efforts were for monetary gain.

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