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Cult Murderer Charles Manson’s Cause of Death Finally Released

Cult murderer Charles Manson’s death certificate has finally been released. It seems he and CDCR knew he was dying long before that final day arrived.

Charlie Manson’s causes of death are listed as:

  • Acute cardiac arrest
  • Colon cancer
  • Respiratory failure
Jason Freeman is the son of Charles Manson, Jr. and the grandson of the infamous Charles Manson.
Jason Freeman is the son of Charles Manson, Jr. and the grandson of the infamous Charles Manson.

Further investigations revealed Charles Manson weighed only 127 pounds at the time of his death on November 19. He was 83.

Manson died at a Bakersfield hospital in California after he became unresponsive in prison. His body was subsequently released to the coroner in Kern County, awaiting family possession.

No family member has stepped forward to claim his corpse, apart from grandson Jason Freeman. And, he said he lacks the finances to claim and transport his grandfather’s body for burial.

2 Controversial Wills Have Emerged Since Charles Manson’s Death

Since his death in mid-November, there have been crises over his will and estate.

Manson’s pen pal, Ben Gurecki, said the mass murderer gave him a copy of his will in January 2017. But, he gave it over to Mathew Roberts, Manson’s self-proclaimed son in March.

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Gurecki said Manson named Roberts as the main beneficiary of his estate in the will:

“I can assure you Matthew will be handling this.

Charlie will be given a headstone, a proper burial, where people will be able to grieve, or deface it as they see fit.”

GOFUNDME TO MANSON: We’ll Pay Your Funeral Expenses

Michael Channels, another Manson pen pal revealed the cult leader gave him a will dated February 2002. None of the cult leader’s relatives was listed as beneficiaries.

No one knows the true value of Manson’s estate at the moment. What to do with his corpse remains unknown until a court gives a ruling on whether or not to cremate it. That is, unless, of course, a bona-fide relative steps forward to lay claim to Manson’s dead body.

Manson’s Songs Influenced a Lot by the Beatles Music

 Manson’s legacy includes a song he wrote for the Beach Boys. He also released an entire album through Gurecki.

The famous prisoner used to be a musician and play instruments while incarcerated. Notorious cult leader Charles Manson used to be influenced by lots of Beatles songs.

He was given the death sentence in 1971 after he ordered his followers to murder nine people in a killing spree over two nights in upscale sections of Los Angeles, CA in August 1969.

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Manson’s death sentence was commuted to a life sentence after the death penalty was outlawed in California in 1972.

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