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Who Cares About Girls?: Daughters Left Behind

Lisa Ling is a revolutionary. Everything she touches automatically turns into cinematic gold. Recently Ling has released an extremely relatable documentary called ‘Who Cares About Girls? Daughters Left Behind.’

This documentary showed how incarceration effects the every day lives of women left behind by children. This includes wives and their children, and daughters and their children. This documentary touches upon all the difficulties women face, which are endless.

Even though these women are in a terrible situation the documentary shows that there are still people and organizations out there that care about them. The documentary tells viewers that no matter what girls still need to speak to their mothers. Even behind bars women need the nurturing love of their mothers to become strong, stable and successful women.

All too often a woman’s family is ignored and simply left behind when she is arrested. If the children are lucky their family is given custody. However, in many cases the children become wards of the state. In no way does that help anyone in any case.

For anyone curious about the forgotten daughters of incarcerated mothers this documentary is a must watch! You can find Lisa Ling reruns on CNN or stream it on their website directly.

This documentary touches on how the incarceration of a mother effects the everyday lives and well-being of their children. It follows a few girls as they prepare for and during visits with their moms in prison. What was so touching to me was how strong these girls had to appear to be, even though they were truly hurting inside about not being able to be “with” their moms.

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