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How Much Longer Will Charles Manson’s Body Remain on Ice?

It has been quite a while now after Charles Manson died. His body lies in one of the morgues in California. No one can identify the body except two staffers in the coroner’s office. Charles Manson’s corpse is under a fake name in the morgue. There are still court fights between family and close friends to Manson over the body.

Charles Mason Family Picture
Charles Mason immediate Family. Image Source: Cetusnews

Charles Manson’s Corpse Battle

It is three months and counting since Manson’s body was taken to a morgue. According to Bryan Walters, the Kern County Lawyer, Manson’s corpse is really taking precious space in the morgue. He appeared before the court and asked for a court order for expedited incineration.

The Kern County Superior Court Commissioner, Alisa Knight gave her word on ruling the fate of Manson’s corpse in a matter of days. Alisa Knight did this to avoid any more DNA testing on the remains or any discovery.

It is a battle among three parties over Manson’s corpse. Manson biological son, Michael Brunner, his grandson Jason Freeman and Manson’s prison pen pal, Michael Channels. Their attorneys appeared in court to stake their claims on Manson’s remains.

Dale Kike, Freeman’s lawyer said that his client wanted to see his grandfather’s body before it is incinerated. Therefore, he would be paying his last respect to his relative. This was Freeman’s request only if the county is allowed to cremate the body.

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Brunner’s claim of the body was supported by self-proclaimed Manson’s son Matthew Robert Lentz, who declined to speak to any reporters. Brunner’s lawyer said his client was fine with the immediate cremation of the body. His only condition was for him to be allowed to take DNA samples of the body and preserve them.

Freeman’s lawyer claimed Brunner to be the adoptive son. According to him, and that this should disqualify him from claiming the body. Brunner’s lawyer was ready for his client to take a DNA test. Both Brunner and Freeman agreed on cremating the body and spreading the ashes in a private ceremony. Freeman would carry the corpse back to Sunshine Estate. Brunner’s plans are not known yet.

It is up to the court to decide whether Channels has any standing on the corpse. According to Channels, Manson named him as his sole beneficiary back in 2002. This was in Manson’s will that was presented in court. The county would seek court guidance on the will’s validity.

Charles Mason will.
Scanned copies of contradicting wills claimed to be both written by Mason. Both will have different signatures. Image Source: PRN News

Channels did not appear in court on the hearing date. His lawyer also was missing but he attended the proceedings through the phone. Manson’s will that was presented disinherits all his blood relatives. Channels claim that he is only interested to fulfill Manson’s wishes. His body ashes to be scattered in a desert.

Freeman and his son have a creepy puppet of Manson. Channels say that he is trying to stop Freeman from what he is about to do. That is, to put Manson’s ashes in the puppet and sell it off. His reason is that Manson did not want his ashes to be sold. Freeman declined to comment about all these when reached with news reporters.

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Charles Manson was 83 years old when he succumbed to death. He died of acute cardiac arrest in Bakersfield hospital. This was November 19th last year. His death certificate listed underlying causes as respiratory failures and colon cancer.

Apart from the corpse clashes in court, there is a battle over Manson’s estate in Los Angeles. This was the last place he lived before being imprisoned. It is up to the court to decide who wins the case.

In August 1969, Manson and his killer followers killed six people on a terrifying two consecutive nights. Sharon Tate a famous actress in those times was among the six people. It was so unfortunate that she lost her life together with her unborn child. She was eight and half months pregnant.

Sharon Tate Manson Family Victims
Sharon Tate Manson Family Victims. Image Source: imgrum

Sharon Tate was repeatedly stabbed as she begged for her life. She was in her house in Los Angeles along with Abigail Folger, coffee heiress and Jay Sebring, a celebrity hairstylist.  The three of them were together with two others whose identities were not known.

The following night, Manson and his killers chose another house at random. This time round, it was the life of a wealthy grocer. His name was Leno La Bianca. They brutally murdered him together with his wife Rosemary.

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Charles Manson was in the long run arrested. He was jailed and spent almost 50 years in prison. Originally, Mr. Charles Manson was sentenced to death but the sentence was briefly outlawed in 1972. Instead, he was commuted to life with the possibility of parole. He was denied the parole 12 times in the period of November 1978 to April 2012.

According to the prosecutors, Charles Manson and his followers tried to incite an Armageddon-like race war, and they to name it “Helter Skelter”

Despite Channels trying whatever he could to keep Manson’s wishes, he says if he fails, it is Manson who would have lost not him. To him, Manson was a caring and considerate friend more than the people he has known in life.

Freeman, on the other hand, he is all about spreading the positive side of his father, Charles Manson. Even though Freeman never spoke to Manson, he says they occasionally spoke over the phone.

The question still remains, for how long will Charles Manson’s body remain in the ice? Nobody knows. We will have to wait for the court’s judgment.




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