A hispanic woman holding a little girl protectively, worried something will come after them and a younger woman in the background.
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Outrageous: Detained Immigrants Prefer Deportation to Living in Hell in US Prisons

A number of illegal immigrants  are being held at the Federal Correctional Institution in Victorville, California. They have expressed a desire for deportation. The immigrants would rather have it rough in their home countries than die in a US prison.

According to a lawsuit filed against the government, the immigrants contend they are subjected to inhuman abysmal conditions. It contradicts the visions they held for the country.

The Trump administration has been highly criticized for his travel ban and zero policy for illegal immigrants. A fallout of this policy, thousands of families have been separated. Parents and children are housed in different detention centers.

Children might get reunited with their parents after several months of separation. A few parents never get to see their children again if they are moved to different facilities in different states.

A group of protestors marching as the frontmost carry a banner that says, 'CRUSH ICE'.
ICE’s public image remains stained by the controversies that come from its questionable detainment practices, as well as the criticism thrown from detained immigrants. These violations of human rights have led members of the public to make it clear something must change. Image Source: KQED

Immigration Detainees Describe Victorville as a Living Hell

Over 700 illegal immigrants who await immigration court hearings are detained at Victorville. Represented by lawyers from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the immigrants filed lawsuits in the federal court of Riverside.

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Several of these detainees are seeking asylum. But they all lament on the terrible conditions where they are housed at, the medium-security facility. Most of the civil detainees share the same problems:

  • Lack of extra clothing for several weeks time
  • Lack of Bibles or even a Sikh turban to practice their faith
  • Insufficient food
  • Inadequate medical care
  • Deprived access to immigration lawyers
  • Preventing access to phone calls
  • Placing in lockdown for several days at a time
A hispanic woman holding a little girl protectively, worried something will come after them and a younger woman in the background.
A major issue people have with detainment is the unnecessary separation of family members from each other, likely only due to cost saving measures. Image Source: Dallas News

Many of the detainees describe their experiences at Victorville as a living hell and regret coming to America.

FBP Planned Only 1,600 Beds for Immigration Detainees

ACLU wrote in the lawsuit:

As a result of the unconstitutional treatment of these civil detainees, many have expressed a desire to be returned, immediately, to their countries of origin — foregoing their claims for immigration relief altogether — because they would rather face the dangers back home than be imprisoned in these abysmal conditions.

ICE Justifies Detaining Pregnant Women In U.S. Immigration Jails

California isn’t the only place detained immigrants have complained of unhealthy detentions. The Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBP) only planned 1,600 beds for civil detainees. It is obvious they number well above that estimate.

As a result, there is obvious overcrowding at detention centers. the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is dispatching immigrants to Oregon, Washington and other states.

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The ICE has chosen not to respond to the issues raised by the lawsuit.

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