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Disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner Solicits Prison Pen Pals via Email

Anthony Weiner is indeed a disgraced congressman following his 21 months sentencing to a federal prison. Having reported to prison on November, the New York Democrat is now requesting for penpals to make his jail term enjoyable. Weiner is incarcerated for engaging in sexually explicit chats with a 15-year-old teenager.

Weiner pleaded guilty to sending obscene material to a minor – including photos and explicit chats which Daily Mail paid the teenage girl to feature. The Washington Post reported Daily Mail paid the girl $30,000 to exclusively feature her story with all proofs, and another $10,000 for her to appear on Inside Edition.

Weiner’s Sexting Scandal Contributed to Hillary Clinton’s Loss at the Presidential Election

But the 53-year-old Weiner’s misdemeanor goes beyond fetching him 21 months in jail. It also caused him to resign from Congress for a similar sexual texts/photos with another woman.

This addiction also destroyed his hopes for ever becoming the mayor of New York City. This led to his wife, Huma Abedin, a top Hillary Clinton aid, to divorce him. And it had some effect on Hillary Clinton losing the US presidential election to President Donald Trump.

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The unnamed teen told investigators that “one of her goals” was to influence the results of the presidential election. This caused FBI investigators to reopen investigations into the Clintons private email server saga. Weiner was ultimately convicted of sexting a minor a minor and given a 21-month jail sentence.

Weiner Leaves Requests for Penpals to Write and Also Send Amazon Books

Weiner left an away message on his personal email address with requests for pen-pals. In his away message, he informed whoever mailed him that he would be away for a while beginning November 6.

“But I would love to stay in touch,” he wrote. He went on to say the best way to reach him would be by letter. He asked potential penpals to include their emails in their letters and that he’d get back to them on how to reach him via email.

And then he added: “And although you didn’s ask – yes, you may send me books via Amazon.”

In admitting to his misdemeanor in a letter to the court, Weiner stated that “I am profoundly sorry to her,” referring to the minor he sexted. “I was selfish. I have no excuse for what I did to her.”


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