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Kristal Bush is Bridging the Gap: The Reunification of a Prison Family (Video)

Kristal Bush stands next to her Bridging the Gap van, which she uses to give family and friends rides to Philadelphia prisons to visit incarcerated loved ones.
Kristal Bush stands next to her Bridging the Gap van, which she uses to give family and friends rides to Philadelphia prisons to visit incarcerated loved ones.

Kristal Bush is a young lady with an incarcerated brother and father.  Yes she is the typical, ever statistical kid with a parent behind bars. Her brother and father have both been incarcerated for 11 and 25 years, respectively.

She has only ever known her father behind bars. You can only imagine how hard it was for her and her mother to have both of these men in prisons.

Who is Kristal Bush? She’s a young entrepreneur and a Woman of Color (WoC) whose business is based in Philadelphia, PA. Her company is called Bridging the Gap.

Her business involves providing prison visitor transportation to prison family member who need rides to prisons to see their incarcerated loved ones. For her, this is not just business, it’s personal.

Video: Bridging The Gap “First Steps Towards Freedom”

Kristal Bush is currently a prison daughter and a prison sister. In the video below, the prison loved one talks about her Philadelphia prison visitor transportation company Bridging the Gap. This video was uploaded to YouTube by GeneGotVisuals.

Kristal Bush’s Final Prison Trip to Dad’s Facility

Her mother comes with her to go receive her dad from the prison as they release him. Krystal is so excited and has a lot of emotions going on inside.

Above everything she wants to prepare herself to be a major support to her dad.

She is talking to someone on the phone. She tells him how she is excited about her father’s release and also mentions how scared she is.

Kristal is telling him that he has to be positive and cannot keep living his life locking other people out. She tells him that the same energy he puts in is what he will receive and that they want to give you a hit so you can go crazy then they have an excuse.

The Release: A Prison Dad Finally Comes Home

Her father is an inmate within the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections prison system. He’s housed at the State Correctional Institution at Mahanoy.

Kristal and her mom arrive at the prison. They go in to pick up her dad and walk out with him. He is carrying a box with his stuff. When they are at the car, she asks him how it feels to be a free man.

The prison father says that he will feel good once they left the property. They all do not believe that it has been 25 years.

Kristal goes live on social media. She is talking about how excited she is that her father is free. The prisoner’s daughter even asks him to say something to the people watching her live feed.

Kristal Bush’s Feelings Towards Her Father’s Release

She has lived most of her life with her father behind bars. The whole situation makes her emotional yet she is not an emotional person. Kristal is nervous because there is a lot her father does not know about her.

She says that she is not one to dwell in the past. The years her dad and brother were in prison are in the past now. She will work towards building a strong relationship with them and enjoying all the time they have now.

Kristal says that she is thankful for her business, Bridging the Gap. She is thankful for it because after 5 years of reuniting families and helping to strengthen these families, God made it possible for her father to be set free and come back home after 25 years.

Her prayer for her Father and brother is for them to be able to transition back into society smoothly.

The Prison Father’s Feelings Towards His Own Release

Her father says that this is a little bit strange for him but he will get used to it. He is happy he is with his little girl that he did not see grow up until she was in her twenties. He says that he will make sure that she is proud of him because he is not leaving this time.

The Welcome Back Party

Kristal arranged for a cookout after father’s release from prison. She said that they would be celebrating 5 years of her company in service. They would also be celebrating the fact that after many years, her prison family has been reunited on the outside.

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