An ad for Grant Blvd. featuring two women holding flowers in front of a flowery backdrop.
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Eco-Friendly Clothing Line Raises Funds Towards Prison Reform

Grant Blvd is sewing and selling women’s clothing to do their part to support prison reform. The gear, made from natural materials, supports prison inmates through book donations to Books Through Bars.

Kimberly McGlonn, founder of Grant Blvd., smiling in a black dress while standing in front of a rack of clothes.
Kimberly McGlonn, the founder of Grant Blvd., was inspired to be an active and productive member of society by her parents. Her mother counseled incarcerated women while her father started a deli so that people in their community had access to fresh food. Image Source: Fashion Group International of Philadelphia

In its own way, Grant Blvd (a nonprofit) is fighting for prison reform. It does this by sewing trendy clothes using environmentally-friendly materials. The clothes are then sold. Their proceeds are used to send books to prison inmates through the nonprofit Books Through Bars.

Who Are Grant Blvd?

Grant Blvd is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making people better and our planet a better place to live. Based in Philadelphia, the organization designs and sews women’s clothing using materials to tell a story.

Proceeds from the sales of the specially-designed women’s clothes make it possible for books to be donated to Books Through Bars. Then, they are transmitted to those incarcerated.

Beyond just donating books, Grant Blvd also seeks public donations. They need funds to assist them in rehabilitating released prisoners, among the other worthy causes.

Some things the organization has its sight focused on include creating a workplace. It will have all technological facilities for ex-convicts to be taught. Then, they can hire them to produce nice, environmentally-friendly clothes.

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What’s the Grant Blvd Clothing Line All About?

The first clothing collection made by the nonprofit was produced from discarded men’s shirts. This is largely because the shirts are free from any applied chemicals or pesticides. It makes them safe for further use.

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In the foreseeable future, the organization intends to use silk, linen and hemp. Also, other planet-friendly materials to produce fashionable clothing collections.

These include women tops and clothing accessories that adhere to prison visit regulations. With plans in place to purchase and install industrial sewing equipment, Grant Blvd is getting set.

They will create a manufacturing plant for former inmates to be trained and employed. They want to give back to society.

How Does Grant Blvd Relate to Prison Reforms?

Grant Blvd understands the need to support incarcerated people. They understand the need to train former prisoners in vocational skills. Or to help them get or offer gainful employment.


An ad for Grant Blvd. featuring two women holding flowers in front of a flowery backdrop.
Finding backers for a project can be difficult due to people being more selective with how they invest large sums of money. Crowdfunding allows project leaders to divide the costs into safer investments, encouraging people to make goals like prison reform a reality. Image Source: Twitter

This dissuades them from engaging in negative acts that might send them back to prison. It results in reducing recidivism and mass incarceration.

Support and help offered to prison inmates and former convicts goes a long way to reduce recidivism. When inmates are trained on vocational life skills that prepare them for a life outside prison walls, they become better citizens. When they are empowered with gainful employment after serving time, they become financially independent. Naturally, they will turn their backs on crimes.

Who knows? Ex-convicts may be trained to produce appropriate and approved women’s clothing for prison visits?

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