After Release Programs Recidivism in the US

Recidivism: Difficulties Ex-Prisoners Face Getting Jobs Lead Them Back To Life of Crime

Facts have emerged that an increasing number of ex-prisoners are having difficult times securing jobs. This is largely because people don’t want to employ or have anything to do with ex-prisoners.

Such thought processes are not only affecting ex-inmates and their families. America as a whole is also becoming worse because of it.

Ex-prisoner have the hardest time finding jobs after they are released.
Ex-prisoner have the hardest time finding jobs after they are released.

One of the major things to stare released prisoners in the face is how to survive on the outside once they are released.

Many of them are forced to return to a life of crimes if they can’t secure a profitable job. Many confess to feeling more secure within jail cells than in the outside world.

“It Still Haunts Me,” Confesses an Ex-Prisoner

A case in point is that of Gerald Alvarez according to He had a very difficult time getting a job after two years jail time. He considered going back to dealing drugs but fear for his three kids wouldn’t let him.

“I was rather young when my crime happened. I feel like I’ve done my time, but yet, to this day, it still haunts me,” Alvarez said. “Just to transfer jobs, or anything of the sort. Everyone says, ‘Oh, if you have a felony, we’re not interested. We’re not interested.'”

How the Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO) Helps Ex-Prisoners

Hiring ex-prisoners is one way to help the country's high recidivism rate.
Hiring ex-prisoners is one way to help the country’s high recidivism rate.

The Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO) has been up and doing in assisting ex-convicts to secure profitable jobs. CEO trains people on how to prepare and succeed at job interviews.

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This organization also directs people to where they can be interviewed for potential jobs. CEO has helped a lot of parolees to obtain better jobs through its program for ex-prisoners.

Hundreds of released prisoners have testified to how CEO has helped them to get jobs. The agency sends them to job interviews and prepares them for getting employed.

CEO carries out the program for ex-prisoners to ensure they get employed in a society that increasingly rejects felons. The recidivism program will be a great help to ex-prisoners and help improve the economy on the long term.

Through CEO, Alvarez was able to get paid $30 per day scrubbing toilets. But he needed a better job with benefits and possibly a pension. He was able to get one through CEO to work with a corporate moving company. He began work here as a helper, and today he is a supervisor at the company’s warehouse.

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