Bill Cosby being escorted after his sentencing.
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Interesting Facts About the SCI Phoenix Prison, Cosby’s New Home

Bill Cosby’s new home for the next three years is the SCI Phoenix prison in Pennsylvania. Brand new in July, it has seen its share of problems and deaths.

Soon after Bill Cosby was found guilty of sexual assault, he was taken to SCI Phoenix, located in Pennsylvania. This is the new home of the comedy legend for at least 3 years. That is unless the verdict on the sexual assault charge is overturned by appeal.

He will be eligible for a possible parole after 3 years. He is now inmate #NN7687 and locked in a single cell. Opened in July, SCI Phoenix is still brand spanking new.

This maximum-security prison is a tough one. Abuse and hatred by the staff are some of the complaints already associated with this Pennsylvania prison. Since July, when this facility “opened”, at least one inmate has died there at the SCI Phoenix.

Bill Cosby Prepares for Prison: Where Is He Now?

Details About SCI Phoenix Prison

This federal prison was built in Collegeville, Pennsylvania. The facility lies on a 164 acres of land, about 35 miles northwest of Philadelphia. This facility cost the state $400 million to construct.

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The facility has:

  • 3,830 beds
  • A laundry room
  • A chapel
  • A basketball court

Bill Cosby’s New Home

Cosby has been locked in a single cell in SCI Phoenix. Most cells of the facility are shared by two inmates. Inmate #NN7687 has no cellmate. He is in isolation. The 81-year old is set to stay in isolation until he is acclimated to the general prison population.

Facility Just Opened – Already Issues of Abuse in the Prison

The prison guards working in this facility have been accused of subjecting the inmates into a series of abuses. Some include:

  • Desecration of religious materials
  • Drawing graphics images on photos of loved ones
  • Racial slurs
  • Hate crimes

According to Henry Goodelman’s uncle, Jonathan Margoles, he is an inmate there. He has seen instances of abuse personally. He says they found his uncle’s tefillin, a religious item Jews using during prayer, and confiscated it.

Changes at Pennsylvania Prisons Follow the Smuggling of Drugs Inside

Another inmate who is Muslim, Danny Liptrot, said his Kufi cap and prayer rug were stolen. They replaced it with an athletic supporter and a nude woman’s picture.

Another inmate, Anthony Wright, says his watch and other possessions went missing. He added that derogatory images and swastikas were drawn on photos belonging to him. According to Wright, even animals deserve better treatment.

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Many Inmates in SCI Phoenix are Former Graterford Inmates

Many inmates at the new SCI Phoenix prison were transferred from the old Graterford facility. That facility was about a mile away. All former Graterford staff work in the new SCI Phoenix correctional facility.

Bill Cosby being escorted after his sentencing.
Because of Bill Cosby’s high-profile status, details regarding what he’ll expect in prison, as well as what life at SCI Phoenix is like, is sure to get the public’s attention. This means that any major issues with the US prison system and this specific facility can come to light, paving the way for the public to demand change. Image Source: The Break

These prisons are very deadly. In 2018 alone, between Graterford and SCI Phoenix, six prisoners have committed suicide while incarcerated. Other inmates have ‘mysteriously’ been found dead inside the facility.

Inmate #NN7687 should love his new home for the next three years. If he is lucky, maybe he will stay the full 10 years.

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