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Famous Prisoner Da Brat Visits & Supports Former Prison Mates Where She Was Housed (Video)

Celebrity Prison Visit: Shawntae Harris AKA Da Brat may have been released from prison after serving her sentence. But, she continues supporting her former prison mates.

Da Brat and Lisa Rae in a scene from a movie about women in a county jail named Civil Brand.
Da Brat and Lisa Rae in a scene from a movie about women in a county jail named Civil Brand.

Contrary to what many would do, Da Brat planned to go back to prison. This time, she’s not going as a prisoner, but to talk to two women who are incarcerated.

At first, nobody would risk letting her inside a correctional facility. And, it was simply because she was a once a prison inmate herself.

But eventually, the Funkdafied rapper managed to get inside the prison to talk to the women prisoners, who are also her former prison mates at the facility.

Da Brat Visits Former Prison Mates to Help Fight Recidivism

Before she was released from prison, Da Brat did not just meet one or two inmates. She met and befriended a good number of detainees. The famous rapper says that the experience was fantastic.

Da Brat appears in court.
Da Brat appears in court.

She felt like she was really connected with her former prison mates. The intimacy was so high that even some could not control shedding tears.

The Rickey Smiley Morning Show host tried to inspire the women prisoners to be somehow better when they get out.

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All the effort was aimed to make sure that they never get back to prisons when they get released. This is her effort to do her part to fight recidivism in the prison system.

Da Brat also went inside one of the prison cells. She says that it was very tiny. It room actually did remind her of her experience while she was still incarcerated at the prison. Ms. Shawntae Harris recalled how unpleasant the place was.

In fact, she says she can only choose to go back to jail if the only other option is death. But all in all, Da Brat enjoyed her famous prison visit.

Da Brat’s Sweet and Bitter Experience in Prison

Another court appearance for Da Brat.
Another court appearance for Da Brat.

Ever since Da Brat was released from prison, she has always been outspoken about her experience behind bars. At one point, the rapper even revealed that many women “eyed” her. She explained that they wished to have her “goodies.”

But, she made it clear that no woman ever touched her goodies while she was in prison.

In an interview, the Joliet, Illinois native admitted that her family members were very much supportive of her. She also pointed out how some of her celebrity friends supported her while she was behind bars too.

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Although Jermaine Dupri did not visit her in prison, he did send her a lot of money. It is said that Dupri didn’t have the his courage to face her sister behind bars at the time.

Nick Cannon, his wife at the time Mariah Carey and famous comedian Katt Williams also supported and even visited her. The star says that she used to receive at least one visitor each week.

However, the fierce entertainer says that she didn’t eat most of the foods served in the facility. Her decision came after realizing that some of the food was making her extremely fat. She specifically pointed out ramen noodles, which is the reportedly basic food in prison.

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DA Brat also never liked the way some officers used to shout at her. She stated that she used to just remain silent whenever the guards annoyed her.

Why Did Da Brat Do Prison Time?

Da Brat did time in prison for assaulting this waitress back in 2007. Recently, the famous prisoner visited the facility to spend time with former prison mates.
Da Brat did time in prison for assaulting this waitress back in 2007. Recently, the famous prisoner visited the facility to spend time with former prison mates.

Da Brat was sentenced to three years for a 2007 incident. The detention came after the star was accused of assaulting a waitress.

She pled guilty to attacking a waitress in with a bottle. Her complete sentence:

  • 3 years in prison
  • 7 years on probation
  • 200 hours of community service
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The singer exited the prison in early 2011. But, she stayed on house arrest for a few months.

However, she said that she isn’t a troublesome woman. That it was only the situation that made her to over react. And although the star got everything she wanted while inside the prison, she doesn’t glorify life inside.

She doesn’t ever want to go back there!

Video: Da Brat Discusses Visit to See Former Prison Mates on Rickey Smiley For Real

Check out the video below. Da Brat talks about her visit to the prison facility she once called home as a famous prisoner. It was uploaded to YouTube by TV One.

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