Ted Kaczynski Unibomber (real & sketch)
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Famous Prisoners: ‘Manhunt: Unabomber’ Tells the Story of Ted Kaczynski

On Tuesday night, episode 6 of Discovery’s Manhunt: Unabomber aired. The episode gives a lot of insight into Ted Kaczynki’s background and answers a lot of questions into how he became who he is.

Viewers will also understand how Paul Bettany, acting the adult Kaczynki, graduated from making bombs in high school to being recruited for a terrible experiment sponsored by the CIA while in Harvard University.

But there is a catch: Kaczynski promised to quit bomb-making and killing people via letter bombs if his 35,000-word manifesto would be made public. If he will keep to his promise remains to be seen.

Ted Kaczynski Gives Insight into How Alienated Kids End Up Becoming Terrorists

Murdering and wounding people over a sordid 17-year reign of terror is not really what Ted Kaczynski wants to be remembered for, but for the terrible experiment performed on him by the clandestine CIA.

The TV shows reveal that Kaczynski went through an awful experience that did not only humiliate him, but also dehumanized him. And in some way, the experiment also weaponized him into the seeming monster he’s become.

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And to some extent, the TV show also gives insights into why teens in America and the UK and throughout Europe feel so alienated to the point of joining terrorist groups in Syria and beyond.

In the current episode, Kaczynski writes to his brother David and seems to want to stop bombing people. He seems to be worried if it is too late for him to change back to the good man he is supposed to be.

Meanwhile, it seems Kaczynski at a young age was forced into making bombs in response to losing a dear buddy.

Kaczynski Finds Raising a Family is More Worthwhile than Killing People with Bombs

Ted Kaczynski Unibomber (real & sketch)
Ted Kaczynski Unibomber (real & sketch)

Having enrolled into Harvard at 16, Kaczynski was obviously brainwashed – by a trusted professor – into the CIA-sponsored MKUltra project which is a mind-altering program to control Russian spies.

Murray, the psychology professor, was able to experiment on Kaczynski by lying to him that his mother Wanda wanted the program for him.

Ultimately, Kaczynski finds that the time he dedicated to anger and constructing bombs could have been devoted to being loved and fathering a son.

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