The Juice is Getting Out of the Nevada State Prison System Soon.
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Famous Prisoners: The “Must Knows” About O.J. Simpson’s Release Date

Everyone is anticipating Famous Prisoner O.J. Simpson’s release date. It is scheduled to happen in the early part of October 2017.

The Juice is 70 years old now. He was convicted of robbery and has served 9 years in jail in Nevada. In July, he was granted bail.

Conditions for O.J. Simpson’s Release Date

Prior to O.J. Simpson’s release date, he will have to take mandatory classes. These classes will either be conducted at his current prison in Nevada, or at a step down facility within the state. The classes involve simple teachings. And, he cannot be released unless he completes them.

Simpson is also required to give a DNA sample before he is released. Upon O.J. Simpson’s release, he will head to Florida to call it home.

Why Does O.J. Want to Parole to Florida?

Homestead Laws

O.J. Simpson chose Florida to be his home base due to the Sunshine State’s homestead laws. These laws allow for a person to register personal property as homestead. This makes his property off-limits from creditors.

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This is important to him as he is still hooked to the $33.5 Million judgment in the civil case over the deaths of his ex-wife Nicole Brown-Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. He was acquitted of murder charges related to their deaths in 1995.


After O.J. Simpson's release date, this is rumored to be the waterfront Gulfport, Florida home where he will live.
After O.J. Simpson’s release date, this is rumored to be the waterfront Gulfport, Florida home where he will live.
Image Source: Tampa Bay


His Kids

Simpson gets to be with his two youngest children, Sydney and Justin. They are Nicole Brown’s children with him. His children purchased a house for him in St. Petersburg, FL.

The house is not gated, but is in a gated community. It is also not a mansion, nothing like Rockingham. His neighbors should be okay with him. And, media will not be allowed into the community.

Upon O.J. Simpson's release date, he's expected to go live with his kids, Justin Simpson (left) & Sydney Simpson (right).
Upon O.J. Simpson’s release date, he’s expected to go live with his kids, Justin Simpson (left) & Sydney Simpson (right).
Image Source: E Online

Making Money

O.J. is already being hounded with potential reality TV show pitches. His people have set up social media accounts for him. The Nevada prisoner knows people will not be nice to him. It’s just a way of getting validation and limelight.

Another advantage is he can use it as a way to make money.

Mr. Orenthal James Simpson is currently housed at Lovelock Correctional Center in Pershing County, Nevada. He was removed from general population after he was granted parole. Authorities say it’s for his own protection.

Video: Press Interview with One of O.J.’s Former Teammates

O.J. Simpson’s release date is in less than a month. A news reporter asks his old friend, Eric Dickerson, who once played with O.J., about his thoughts on his release:

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Dickerson responded by complimenting O.J. He said that when he was a rising talent, The Juice was his favorite football player. They have even played football together before. He said he would love for Simpson to come back and play.

Eric Dickerson was asked about O.J.’s case. He says that he never watched one minute of it or even gave an opinion about it. Dickerson wishes The Juice well, and hopes that this time, he has learned his lesson.

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