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Famous Prisoners: O.J. Simpson Cashing in On Autographed Helmets

That was fast as lightening! Or… as fast as the O.J. Simpson aka the Juice wanted to start cashing in on his name and fame after being released from prison in Nevada nearly over a week ago!

oj simpson signed helmetsBrand new autographed O.J. Simpson memorabilia has already hit the market — just 10 days after Juice signed a bunch of helmets in a secret Vegas hotel signing session … TMZ Sports has reported.

Steiner Sports — one of the biggest memorabilia dealers in the business — just posted two new signed Buffalo Bills helmets in the “new arrivals” section of their website. One is selling for $400. The other, containing O.J.’s Hall of Fame year, is going for $450.

A rep for Steiner tells us, “So it is clear, Steiner Sports did not hold the signing with O.J. Simpson, but purchased his new autographs from a third party.”

Steiner CEO Brandon Steiner told TMZ Sports, “Collectors collect and O.J. Simpson is a part of sports history for his accomplishments on the field. He’s a Heisman Trophy winner, 10,000+ yard rusher and Hall of Famer. We are just trying to answer the demand of our customers looking to complete their collections.”

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The big question … with O.J. merchandise selling in the hundreds of dollars, you gotta wonder if Simpson is being paid for his Hancock.

If he is, O.J. owes all of it to the Goldman family — thanks to the wrongful death judgment against him. If O.J. tries to hide the money, he could go back to prison.

This is not the first time that O.J. has used his fame to make some money, back when he was incarcerated while waiting for his trial for the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman he was known to sit in his cell for hours and sign autographs that were being sold.

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