Saundra Adams Cares for Her Grandson Chancellor Full-Time. He Has Cerebral Palsy Thanks to His Father Rae Carruth.
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Famous Prisoners: Where Are Cherica Adams’ Killers Now?

Rae Carruth was released from prison after serving 18 years for the murder of Cherica Adams. He didn’t act alone. So, where are the rest of her killers now?

After spending more than 18 years behind bars for conspiring to pregnant kill his girlfriend, Rae Carruth was released from the Sampson County Correction Facility in Clinton, North Carolina on Monday.

He had stayed at the North Carolina prison since he was convicted for planning the murder-hit of Cherica Adams. At the time, she was his girlfriend and the soon-to-be mother of his unborn baby.

The Carolina Panthers wide receiver was implicated in the murder based on the words on Cherica herself. After being shot by a hit man on November 16, 1999, she dialed 911. She told the 911 operator, through her pain, that Rae Carruth had blocked her car so the hit man could shoot her.

Rae Carruth released from prison after serving 19 years in murder of Cherica Adams.
Rae Carruth released from prison after serving 19 years in murder of Cherica Adams. Image Source: Tampa Bay

Rae Carruth Expresses Remorse for Hit-Murder Against Cherica Adams & Then-Unborn Son

After Carruth’s prison release, the 44-year old ex-NFL star expressed feelings of great remorse for taking part in the killing of Adams in 1999. At the time, she was seven months pregnant.

The baby was delivered. It was a baby boy. He was found to have cerebral palsy due to lack of oxygen following the trauma of the shooting. Cherica’s mother took custody of the disabled baby, who was named Chancellor Lee Adams.

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Carruth told CNN affiliate WSOC that he was excited to be out of prison. He was however worried about how the public would receive him.

He also said he had to work, live and exist. But public opinion shows there is definitely hatred toward him. 

Tiffany Trice, a family friend, told Charlotte Observer on the phone that Rae was picked up from prison by his family in the morning hours of October 22. And that was all she would say.

She also stated that Carruth didn’t want to talk about where he was going to live.

His lawyer, David Rudolf, told WRAL that Carruth was hanging out with the wrong people when Adams was murdered in her car. Rudolf was referring to an ex-convict Van Brett Watkins, who testified against Carruth at trial.

Van Brett Watkins was sentenced for second-degree murder. He was the hit man hired by Carruth to kill the mother of Chancellor Lee. 

According to the prosecutors, Carruth hired Watkins to murder his girlfriend Adams. And it was all because he didn’t want to support the child…. plainly put: He didn’t want to pay child support.

Saundra Adams Cares for Her Grandson Chancellor Full-Time. He Has Cerebral Palsy Thanks to His Father Rae Carruth.
Saundra Adams Cares for Her Grandson Chancellor Full-Time. He Has Cerebral Palsy Thanks to His Father Rae Carruth. Image Source: Daily Mail

Famous Prisoners: The Case of Rae Carruth 

In 2001, Carruth was found guilty of:

  1. Conspiring to kill using an instrument with the intention of destroying the unborn baby
  2. Discharging a weapon into occupied property

Carruth was sentenced to 18-to-24 years in prison.

What Happened the Night of December 14, 1999?

On the night when Adams was shot, she had gone with Carruth to the movies, driving different cars to the theater. 

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Afterward, Adams followed Carruth. He pulled over letting Adams drive next to him. Immediately, a car bearing Watkins pulled over next to Adams and started to fire bullets.

Carruth simply drove off from the scene swiftly.

Rae Carruth went to the home of Hannibal Navies, a co-member of the Carolina Panthers. There he played video games.

Michael Kennedy obtained the gun that was used to kill Adams. He drove off without helping her. Kennedy testified against Carruth and was freed from prison in 2011.

Stanley Abraham was in a drive-by car during the shooting. This accomplice was confined in prison for less than two years. He was freed in 2001.

The Story of Cherica Adams 

Cherica Adams Shows Off Her Baby Bump
Cherica Adams Shows Off Her Baby Bump. Image Source: WBTV

Adams survived for one month after the shooting and delivered a baby boy. The call she made to 911 named Carruth as one of the suspects involved in the incidence. This helped in the case that sentenced him to prison.

Carruth is still claiming it wasn’t his intention to kill Adams. He has acknowledged that it was his fault that her ex-girlfriend was shot.

The famous prisoner got a barber’s certificate while in prison. He stated that he plans to return to California.

In February 2017, Carruth sent Saundra Adams, Cherica’s mother, an open letter apologizing for the murder of her daughter and the hard times that Chancellor Adams went through.

Carruth said that if it were within his powers, he would have changed everything.

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Though he formerly wrote that he wanted to raise his son, he later changed his mind.

Speaking to the Observer, Saundra Adams stated that she hopes to find forgiveness and forget all that happened.

She said she wanted to forgive Carruth so she could move on and enjoy her own life. Sitting in forgiveness is more or less like drinking poison and that could kill.

Where Is Hitman Van Brett Watkins Now?

58-year-old was convicted of second degree murder on April 5, 2001. His projected release date is March 23, 2046. 

He’s currently housed at Alexander Correctional Institution, a state prison in Taylorsville, North Carolina. The now famous prisoner has been housed at Alexander since August of this year. 

The North Carolina Department of Public Safety prisoner is serving his time as Inmate #0681840. Watkins is no model prisoner either. He’s already had 53 infractions since he began serving his prison sentence. 

Carruth’s hit man said he had committed multiple murders earlier in other cities. But he did not reveal the whole story.

Video: Jailhouse Interview with Hit Man Who Killed Cherica Adams

The video below is a 2001 jailhouse interview with Van Brett Watkins. He speaks on the shooting that night and fears he faced after the murder. He tells Rae Carruth:

Welcome to the world of the incarcerated.

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