Mothers in prison Kids day
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Kids Day Brings Incarcerated Mothers and Their Children Together In Prison Reunion Program

When Utah State Prison’s Timpanogos facility had a Kid’s Day the entire facility was fill of love, life and laughter. The day was aimed toward children visiting their incarcerated mothers. They were able to spend three hours together, playing games, talking and bonding.

Many women in the facility had not seen their children for years while others spent seldom time with them over the years while some tracked their development only through photos. No matter what the relationship between mother and child, all mothers worry about their children equally.

One woman, 23 year old Elicia Chavez, said that she had not seen her five year old son for years. She had seen photos but had not had contact for the majority of the child’s life. It was on Kid’s Day that she was able to reconnect with her child.

Another mother, Dianna Robles, 32 years old, was brought to tears when her children visited her. Her three children, Demetrie, 14, Brooklyn, 11 and Cameron, 7, visited her. She said she regretted her actions that put her in prison, saying it was selfish of her to not put them first, letting her anger get the best of her.

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Mothers in prison Kids day

Utah state prisonSeparated mothers and kids hugged and hugged and relieved personal experiences of what life had thrown their way. Mothers connected again with their children and kids asked mothers why they had been away for so long.


Almost all of the female inmates that spent time with their kids won the privilege because of good behavior and excellence in prison programs. Over 150 female inmates were part of this past program, and almost all of them are serving time for drug addiction or drug related offenses.

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