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Girls Incarcerated Update: Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility Is Now Closed

The Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility is a prison for teen girls located in Indiana. It was featured in the Netflix documentary Girls Incarcerated: Young and Locked Up, and has now shut down. All of the young ladies at the facility have been moved to another juvenile prison facilities.

Girls Incarcerated: A Look Inside Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility

The insides of the Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility (MJCF) were laid bare for Netflix’s documentary Girls Incarcerated: Young and Locked Up. It is no longer the case because the facility is now closed down. In the series, 170 female “students” are incarcerated at the correctional facility for various infractions.

Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility Student Graduation
Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility Student Graduation. Image Source: IN

The students are not referred to as inmates, because they are “sentenced to complete a program” at the facility instead of being sentenced to a prison term like other criminals. They remain incarcerated for whatever length of time it takes for them to complete their educational programs and prove that the system has truly reformed them.

Incidentally, the maximum security facility was closed before the documentary premiered on Netflix.

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Remaining Female Students at Madison Were Moved To a Male Juvenile Facility

Authorities revealed the Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility was closed in October last year. The closure is due to declining female students who are sent to this facility. The prison facility next door constructed for female adult offenders continues to witness increasing incarceration rates.

It is possible that adult female offenders in the neighboring facility could be moved to Madison if more space is needed in the future.

Closing down the Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility was a direct response of the Indiana Department of Corrections to decreased inmate numbers. The juvenile center had 200 female students in 2007, but the numbers have dropped over the years to only 40 in 2017.

The remaining female students at Madison were moved to Camp Summit Boot Camp in LaPorte. And the juvenile male offenders at LaPorte moved its young inmates to Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility.

Superintendent John Galipeau said in Girls Incarcerated:

“Madison is a maximum security facility that gets girls from all over the state. Their offenses range from small-time drug possessions, breaking and entering, armed robbery, aggravated assaults, and weapons charges.”

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Girls at Madison Performed Better Than Students at Other Juvenile Facilities

At the girls’ detention center, the students are subjected to programs designed to reform and make them better people in society. The programs include:

  • Formal education
  • Mental health treatment
  • Substance abuse treatment
  • Vocational activities

According to Galipeau, the girls at Madison statistically score highest in the country in performance-based assessments such as:

  • Maths scores
  • Reading scores
  • Family contact
  • Other performance-based activities

Staff at the former facility said they enjoyed working with the students while the facility was still operational. One former staff member reflected:

“The most enjoyable and rewarding part of my job is gaining the trust of the youth, watching the youth development and change their poor behavior into more positive behavior and attitude.”

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