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Good News Not So Good after All for LHHATL Star Scrapp DeLeon

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member Scrapp DeLeon could be released from prison earlier than expected, according to his mother Karen King AKA KK. But, then again, what does she know? Reports suggest his release date is much further away than the two expected. Will this famous prisoner come home any time soon?

Scrapp, whose real name is Cortez Robinson, was on season five of LHHATL. His storylines are described to be one of the biggest and the most real of the entire VH1 reality TV show.

Scrapp DeLeon Arrest Report shows he was booked for trafficking marijuana.
Scrapp DeLeon Arrest Report shows he was booked for trafficking marijuana. Image Source: Gigi On That

Scrapp DeLeon Gets Arrested for Marijuana Possession

LHHATL star and rapper Scrapp DeLeon was arrested after he was found in possession of what authorities called a large amount of marijuana in his car. This happened on the May 13, 2014.

The exact amount retrieved from his car was not disclosed but falls within the range of 10-2,000 pounds of cannabis.

That makes it a felony according to the state laws of Georgia. The consequences of his acts according to the law is a 5-20 year prison sentence plus a fine of up to $100,000.

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Scrapp DeLoen: Sentencing & Prisons He’s Been To

According to court documents, Scrapp was to serve the first five years of his sentence in prison. The remaining part would be served on probation.

Scrapp turned himself in to begin his sentence in March 2016. So far, he’s been to three different Georgia state prisons:

  1. The LHHATL star was originally serving his time out of Taliaferro County, Georgia, where he was arrested
  2. Later, he was transferred to Macon State Prison in Oglethorpe, Georgia
  3. He was transferred a second time to Autry State Prison near Pelham, Georgia
  4. Scrapp has been transferred back to Macon State Prison, where he is currently serving his time for drug possession

Good News for Scrapp DeLeon?

Court documents show Scrapp’s release date to be January 2021. However, according to recent reports, there are speculations that his overall release date has been reduced.

His mother, Karen “KK” King, had a meeting with his bail bondsman. The meeting was aired on a recent episode on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. The bondsman claimed to be bearing “good news.”

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He explained to Karen that Scrapp could be released in July 2019. This is one and a half year earlier than his expected release date of January 2021.

In 2012, Scrapp DeLeon (left), his mother KK (middle) and his brother Sas (right) were all arrested for brutally beating Lyndon Baines Smith, KK's ex and Sas's father.
In 2012, Scrapp DeLeon (left), his mother KK (middle) and his brother Sas (right) were all arrested for brutally beating Lyndon Baines Smith, KK’s ex and Sas’s father. Image Source: Gossip On This

Reactions to News of Scrapp’s Current Release Date

Karen was anticipating an earlier release date of later in 2018. July 2019 was not good enough for her. KK’s son has been on his best behavior and deserves to be released sooner, according to the LHHATL star and prison mom.

When Scrapp called her from prison, she explained to him what the bondsman told her. Scrapp was upset by the news. He argued that he had no disciplinary infractions. For this, he believes he should get to serve 1/3 of the time of his sentence.

He asked his mother to call the parole board and be aggressive with them so she gets some answers. There’s no doubt KK will do just that.

Unless any changes come up Scrapp DeLeon will be released from prison in July 2019.

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