Granny’s Child – Who is Granny’s Child?

I only agreed for Granny’s sake. After all, why would I want to see my mother? I’d only visited her a few times since she’d gone to prison and each time I’d left with a quiver of unease in my bones. I didn’t see how this time could be any different.
With Granny at my side, we stood outside the prison, staring up at the tall, gray walls, a concrete block built to keep things – people – in. I wanted to grab her hand and never let go, but I forced myself not to. I wasn’t a baby anymore. Now that we were here, I knew I had to go in.
This is the story of Kai, a ten year old girl who’s been raised by her Granny for most of her life. Her mother, whom she slightly despises, is an inmate in a California Correctional Institution (CDCR). With a father she’s never known and a mother she feels abandoned her, it’s no wonder Kai has no desire to ever leave Granny. But, Granny’s getting older. And, it’s starting to become obvious that she’s sick. The everyday worries of what will happen to her if Granny… it’s just all too much to think about.
Will her mother get out in time to save Kai from going into foster care if something happens to Granny? Only time will tell…

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