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Handmade Drawings & Pictures Now Welcome in New Hampshire Prisons

Sending gifts to incarcerated loved ones is something everyone wished they did often. The positive feel that receiving gifts have on inmates can not be downplayed, couple with it’s effect in making them cooperate while serving their sentence.


New Hampshire prisons are now allowing prisoners to receive handmade drawings and pictures from their loved ones, especially from their children.

This is thanks to a new mail policy that transpired following a legal settlement between civil libertarians and the New Hampshire Department of Corrections (DOC).

Handmade drawings and pictures bring joy to the lives of prisoners. New Hampshire Department of Corrections finally gets that.
Handmade drawings and pictures bring joy to the lives of prisoners. New Hampshire Department of Corrections finally gets that.

While the new mail policy allows pictures and drawings done in pen and pencil, those made from certain materials are still prohibited




“When you are on the inside and you receive an authentic communication from a child – that’s just something that can keep you going for a month or two months. Just to receive something like that were you are isolated and cut off from your loved ones – it’s just critically important.”


The heavily restricted choices of what is permissible to send to loved ones remains a big dent. These restrictions vary from state to state and force prison loved ones to play by the unfair rules. There are certain gifts that appeal to certain people, but the unfair restrictions as regards what is acceptable and what isn’t deprives some inmates of the pleasure attached to receiving gifts.

The Lawsuit That Made It All Happen

 ACLU filed the federal lawsuit in 2015 on behalf of a prisoner’s mother and 3-year-old son. The child’s handmade drawing for his imprisoned father was returned due to mail policy violation.

New Hamisphere is the newest state to loosen their policy on contraband gifts as it is now allowed to bring in drawings. Although there are still restrictions as regards the materials used, but it’s a welcome development.

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