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OITNB Star Ruby Rose Responds to Critics of Her LGBTQ Donation to Hurricane Harvey Victims

Orange Is the New Black star Ruby Rose vowed to make a sizable LGBTQ donation to Hurricane Harvey victims. Now, she’s being criticized because she her donation is specifically for LGBTQ victims.

If you have been watching the news at all for the last few weeks you know the devastation Hurricane Harvey caused in Texas. Many people have been killed (Including a Texas Police Officer) while many others have lost their home, businesses and livelihoods. The tropical storm has taken the whole county by surprise, uniting democrats, republicans, and people of all creeds and races.

Stella Carlin Litchfield Prison Shower Scene
Stella Carlin Litchfield Prison Shower Scene

Ruby Rose’s LGBTQ Donation Causes a Stir on Twitter

Many organizations are accepting donations to help rebuild the lives of people in Texas. It is hard to think a donation to such a cause could be criticized.

However, critics did just that when Orange Is The New Black actress Ruby Rose made an announcement on social media platform, Twitter.

She said she was going to donate $10,000 to the LGBT Center of Houston AKA the Montrose Center.

Now, people are fuming about Rose’s intended LGBTQ donation.

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This caused immediate backlash as fans, reporters and commentators responded to her tweet arguing that everyone affected by the hurricane deserves help.

Many understood the significance of the LGBTQ community to Rose as she is a part of the community herself, But, they do not see it as a large enough reason to donate only to this community specifically.

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Celebrity Battles: Hurricane Harvey Donations

OITNB star Ruby Rose
OITNB star Ruby Rose

She received even more backlash by the online community because other celebrities such as Kevin Hart and Khloe Kardashian. Such celebs donated $500,000.

Plus, they were donating to the Red Cross, an organization aiming at providing everyone affected by the storm:

  • Fresh water
  • Food
  • Temporary housing
  • Supplies

The OITNB star responded to critics seemingly unperturbed by the backlash. She posted an explanation on Twitter regarding her experience with LGBTQ centers and their impact on the community.

Ruby Rose also spoke about the lack of checks and balances within other organizations leading her to believe the LGBTQ center was the best option for her to send her money. She truly believes an LGBTQ donation would be the right choice for her.

In addition to ignoring her own critics Rose urged all of her followers to donate to a worthy charity saying:

“Even 1 dollar helps.”

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