Haunted Halloween Tours: “Escape from Blood Prison” Opens on October 12
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Haunted Halloween Tours: Escape from Blood Prison Opens on October 12

Lovers of Haunted Halloween tours are in for a hellish experience at the Ohio State Reformatory this fall. Starting from October 12 through November 5, tourists will watch Escape from Blood Prison in all its gory details.

During this event, selected actors will be dressed in horror costumes with creepy background music to draw out repressed fears in people.

The Venue Was a Prison Facility Converted To a Museum for Events

Haunted Halloween Tours: Escape from Blood Prison Opens on October 12
Haunted Halloween Tours: Escape from Blood Prison Opens on October 12

This Escape from Blood Prison event is organized by the Mansfield Reformatory Preservation Society. And the Ohio State Reformatory in north central Ohio has been the venue of the event for nearly 20 years now.

The venue used to be a prison facility, but it has been converted to a museum.

It is now used as a haunts event center and Civil War encampments as well as local weddings. The organizers use the scary Halloween events to preserve the legacy of the facility as well as raise funds for renovations and repairs.

Haunt manager Vic Amesquita and a team of scare artists will work this time around to make the event as scary as possible for tourists.

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Sylvester Stallone Will Be Around During the Shooting of the Film

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Amesquita had formerly worked together with Robert Kurtzman, a notable Hollywood film director and special effects designer to put together last years Halloween scare at the Ohio State Reformatory.

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 Amesquita will be in charge of about 80 actors this season to set up props and create a perfect backdrop for a haunt experience. The ultimate goal is to scare the hell out of visitors, he said.

Hollywood filmmakers, including actor Sylvester Stallone will be shooting Escape Plan 3 at the Ohio State Reformatory. And the Halloween haunt event will work around the shooting of the film.

But the filmmakers will have been long gone before the full Halloween scare event begins.

Tourists will be able to scour the facility at night to enjoy a perfect scare as well as see historic cell blocks during the entire event period.

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