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‘HAUNTober’ Brings Joy At An Old Haunted Brushy Mountain Prison

Suzanne Park announced the name of this year’s Moundsville Economic Development Council (MEDC) Halloween activity. The name given is HAUNTober. And, it involves the old terrifying Brushy Mountain State Prison.

Brushy Mountain State Prison
Brushy Mountain State Prison

The council leased the old West Virginia prison for 25-years. It uses it to promote prison tourism in the local area.

This building was built in 1866. It was used to house the most dangerous criminals from Mountain State.

More than 94 prisoners were executed at Brushy Mountain State Prison, mostly by hanging, for criminal offenses. Others were murdered by fellow inmates.

Benefits of Brushy Mountain State Prison Tours

MEDC usually capitalize on the prison’s history by:

  • Operating prison visits throughout the year
  • Guiding the visitors through the puzzles of cellblocks and hallways
  • Telling them the stories of the past
  • Doing overnight investigations
  • Undertaking paranormal tours

Haunted Tales From Brushy Mountain State Prison

But, each October they make things even more interesting with their haunted house staged attraction called Dungeon of Horror it is the tours of all prison tours. Dungeon of Horror is usually divided into:

  • North Walk, a guided supernormal walk.
  • Zombie Paintball, this gives guests a chance to shoot at unarmed zombies loitering the South Yard.
  • Escape the Pen; this’s a themed escape room. It requires visitors to find the route to reach freedom.
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These events are charged separately.

HAUNTober to Take Place at the Brushy Mountain State Prison

HAUNTober to take place at "haunted" West Virginia State Penitentiary
HAUNTober to take place at “haunted” West Virginia State Penitentiary

HAUNTober provides both events that accommodate teenagers (13 and up) and younger kids aged 7-12. The events which feature new Dungeon of Horror: The Nightmare Continues, are set to open on September 22-23.

They will then continue on all October’s weekends. A special kid’s night event is scheduled for October 23. It will at the Moundsville Training Center, located at West Virginia State Penitentiary.

On average, Dungeon usually attracts approximately 10,000 visitors per year. Of them, about 70% come from Pittsburgh region. The event is full of fun.

North Walk takes the visitors into the prison’s oldest part—North Hall. It’s in North Hall that paranormal activities are done due to its inhabitants.

The most dangerous inmates used to stay in North Hall. This is the place where brutality, murders, and violence were common. MEDC calls it a reminiscent of one of the bloodiest prisons in the country.

Haunted Prison: Tourists Encounter Paranormal Things at West Virginia State Penitentiary

The Nashville Tennessean

Every year MEDC usually receives pictures from people who once visited the place. Many say that they saw a shadow of man while visiting the area.

Park admits that it true the shadow hung in MEDC and even appears sometimes.They’ve nicknamed it “Shadow Man.”

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Parks reported that visitors had spotted Shadow Man in many times. However, Park says they don’t know who Shadow Man is since he doesn’t talk.

Park claims she has never seen Shadow Man firsthand or other paranormal activity. But she said she captures strange things on her camera unintentionally. She likes it when folks come all over the globe to investigate everything for themselves.

Iowa State Prison Opens Doors for Tours 

MEDC usually partners with some four local charities during the first 2-weekends of the haunted house activities. The primary intention for the partnership is to encourage neighbors and friends to buy tickets.

A segment of the cash earned from the ticket is usually donated to the charitable groups. Park says that they have been doing haunted house activities for very many years.

She adds that haunted house events are their biggest moneymaker in every year. Park credits haunted house for all developments MEDC has made.

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