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Prison Love Story: Having a Prison Boyfriend

Courtney fell in love with Nick before Nick was sent to prison. At a party a friend of Nick’s ex girlfriend pushed him into the pool while Nick was still holding his iPhone. Understandably upset, Nick confronted the friend and they got into a fight.

Soon the scuffle got out of hand. Nick and his ex girlfriend’s friend were taken to prison. Although some could see this case as a simple domestic dispute, Nick is facing three to six years in prison due to the fact that he was already on probation.

Courtney gave a heart wrenching interview, explaining how she is absolutely devastated by this news. She said she sees Nick in everything in her life. What makes this even harder is that Nick and Courtney have a son together.

Courtney told the interviewer her son asks her every single day, “When are we going to see daddy?” Courtney is stuck in an impossible situation. Nick is not out of her life because he wants to be but due to unfortunate circumstances.

If you are in this sort of situation, reach out to others through support groups, find resources and read books to help you through this difficult time.

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And through all this confusion, I have to think about my three year old son and where he fits into all this. My fiancé painted a pretty picture of love for both my son and myself, telling us how much he loved us and that he would do anything for us.
Courtney explains how she tries to cope with him being away, she says, I do things at home to be closer to him, like, sleep on his side of the bed, wear his clothes, eat and drink the foods that he likes.

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