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Hip Hop Mogul Marion Suge Knight Rushed to Emergency Room

Hip Hop tycoon Marion ‘Suge’ Knight was rushed, once again, from his cell at LA County jail to the emergency room. He has been suffering serious health issues since being incarcerated over two years ago, awaiting his murder trial. This will be the third health-related incident since he has been in jail.

Suge Knight, who is awaiting trial in the LA County jail, was taken to a Los Angeles hospital. This occurred early morning on April 3rd.

Suge Knight & Family
Suge Knight & Family. Image Source: BET

Suge Knight Suffers Health Issues While Incarcerated

The music mogul has been hospitalized before for a number of health issues. The reason for his hospitalization this time is yet to be determined. Suge Knight is 52 years old and his past health issues during his imprisonment cause alarm.

Knight was rushed to the hospital in May 2017 to treat blood clots. He battled this condition for two years. He also had an emergency appendix surgery in 2015. Besides these two instances, Suge Knight also collapsed in the middle of a court hearing.

It has been more than two years since Knight has been behind bars. His murder trial is a high-profile case that continues to unfold. The murder charges stem from a hit and run in 2015 that lead to the death of Terry Carter.

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Unfortunately for Suge, jail authorities have never taken his health seriously. His son, Jacob Knight, warned officials of his father’s health condition in an interview back in February 2017 with BET Digital.

According to Jacob Knight, the jail’s treatment of his father is not doing well for his health. His father is not being given the proper care needed to heal his blood clots. And this is really getting into him.

Suge Knight is being held in a solitary confinement during his incarceration at the Los Angeles County Jail facility.

Marion Suge Knight (left) & His Son Jacob Knight (right)
Marion Suge Knight (left) & His Son Jacob Knight (right). Image Source: Dallas Black

Jacob Knight Speaks Out About Suge’s Health Issues in Jail

Jacob Knight explains his father’s health isn’t good and to be kept in solitary confinement will worsen his condition. His son is aware that anyone who is in jail is considered government property. Therefore, his father should be taken care of by the government because he is their responsibility.

The doctors said Suge Knight was not in a stable enough condition to return to solitary confinement. The DA ignored the doctor’s direction of Knight’s condition. According to his son, he definitely believes his father almost reached death’s door three times while behind bars.

No statements have been released related to Suge Knight’s hospitalization.

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