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Hip-Hop Music Video Shot in Prison without Permission Sends Jitters down the Spine of Authorities

The Department of Corrections in South Carolina is currently in disarray following an unauthorized video shot in prison. The video is a Hip-Hop prison video tells the story of incarcerated African Americans and their prison life. But more worrisome is how the WorldStar prison rap video could have been shot and uploaded to the internet without the knowledge of prison authorities.

hip hop behind bars
prisonhands on bars, hip hop in prison. Image source: noisey.vice.com

It is obvious the musical prison video was shot with contraband. It is no new phenomenon that prison staff and visitors smuggle contraband such as mobile phones and other materials to inmates. How the particular situation that led to the successful making of the prison Hip Hop video was orchestrated beats all imaginations. To this end, prison authorities everywhere have stepped up to review their security protocols since the video went viral.

The Prison Hip-Hop Video Has Gone Viral Beyond What Any Websites Can Pull Down

“We’re also using cameras,” said South Carolina director of corrections Bryan Stirling. “We’re going to purchase some thermal imaging cameras. Governor Haley in last year’s budget gave us some money for some towers outside of Lee Correctional Institute and that will help also. I think it sends a signal that we need to be more vigilant in our looking for contraband and that’s one of my priorities as the new director, to be more vigilant with contraband.”

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With over one million views on YouTube, it is no longer possible for the website of the Department of Corrections to pull down the video. Not even the secret NYPD Hip Hop Cops can stop the video from circulating. Against popular belief, this is not the first musical Hip-Hop video to be made inside prison cells. What is distinctive however is that this is the first to be secretly filmed without any official authorizations.  The success with which the video was made and leaked online underscores the rebellious resilience that characterizes Hip-Hop in prison music.

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The Prison Hip-Hop Video Shows That the Black Man In America Will Not Be Broken

According to Noisey.vice.com, “Hip-hop has always been a voice against the incarceration of black men in America.” The lyrics of hip hop musicals have always decried the rate of mass incarceration to which black people are most prone in the United States. It shows the degradation of prison systems and the inhumanity of man to man in American prisons. The newly leaked prison rap video reveals how a first offender in America could be handed a life sentence for drug offenses because he is a black man.

The current prison inmates who pulled off the Hip Hop prison video are expressive with “infectious, explosive energy.” They sang and backed for one another with well-orchestrated unison. The prison Hip Hop song builds into a crescendo and explodes into a political campaign. It does not show that African Americans are inherently violent, but that they possess a combined strenght that would not be broken. The black man would not be broken in the America of today, but the powers that be shall forever remain intimidated.

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