A felon in handcuffs filling out a job application for an industry hiring him
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Homebuilder and Auto Industries Hiring Felons and Support Prison Reform

Homebuilders & Automobile Industry Support Prison Reform to Acquire Workers

The death of cheap labor is causing major industries to turn to the prisons. Homebuilders, the automobile industry and the Chamber of Commerce are asking President Trump to institute prison reforms that could see more prisoners released. The industries hope to hire ex-prisoners as workers so as to fill millions of openings in the U.S. labor market.

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In a letter delivered to Congress, the National Association of Homebuilders, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce want to hire from a pool of former inmates. The industries expect that they could begin hiring felons as soon as the president signs off on the FIRST STEP Act once approved by Congress.

Hiring Inmates After Prison Will Reduce Recidivism

Considering that the open jobs require specialized skills, the industries are willing to go into prison facilities to begin training inmates that could potentially be hired. Inmates would be trained for positions that need to be filled. This will not only benefit released inmates, the hiring industries will also acquire sufficient manpower required to keep the economy running. The opportunity would help ex-convicts to turn their lives around while reducing recidivism.

Corporate Employers are Hiring Felons and Advocating for Prison Reform

Public analysts say transitioning inmates from “prison to paychecks” will go a long way to keep them from going back to a life of crimes.

“Industries such as trucking, construction, and manufacturing are desperate for good workers,” the industries wrote in a joint letter to lawmakers, “and would welcome the opportunity to offer second chances to incarcerated individuals seeking to turn their lives around.”

Industries Hiring Felons Reveals Our Education System’s Flaws

The corporate attempt to get prisoners released into the labor market coincides with the economic needs of society. Given the bipartisan support given the FIRST STEP Act by lawmakers, it is obvious the House is eager to carry out prison reforms that would overhaul the entire criminal justice system. According to industry experts, getting Congress to approve the bill will achieve a dual purpose: it will give industry employers the manpower they need and it will get lawmakers the prison reform they require.

A felon in handcuffs filling out a job application for an industry hiring him
The industries working towards reform aren’t just fixing an issue in the prison system by hiring felons. They’re also highlighting issues in other areas that need improving as a result, such as our education system. Image Source: The Badger Herald

The desperation with which the auto and home construction industries among other labor employers demand for ex-inmate workers makes something apparently clear. It shows that the education system has failed the needs of current employers who’d rather go for former inmates instead of recent graduates. However, the fact that major industries are pushing for prison reforms indicates they are waking up to their corporate responsibility which they had ignored for so long.

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