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Hunt a Killer: New Serial Killer Game for True Crime Lovers

Hunt a Killer is a new true crime game that keeps interactive entertainment lovers at the edges of their seats month after month. Who doesn’t love the idea of solving crime, especially when it involves serial killers?

What is the Serial Killer Game ‘Hunt a Killer’ All About?

Hunt a Killer Subscription Box
Hunt a Killer Subscription Box. Image Source: Hello Subscription

Gathering clues, following the investigation and learning about the events that led up to a murder are fun for almost any true crime lover.

Getting an insider glimpse into autopsy reports and hidden details make it even more fun to solve a serial killer murder mystery.

That’s what Hunt a Killer is offering subscribers. And it’s proving to be an adventure that engages and thrills beyond just that one show or movie.

Hunt a Killer VS Clue

It’s a lot like the game Clue, except its more in detail, more grown up, and much more sophisticated. And, Hunt a Killer has subscribers waiting by their mailboxes for more from the Essex, Maryland-based “friend” every month.

This is a truly unique subscription service that you get once a month. Hunt a Killer’s monthly box comes with:

  • Clues
  • Ciphers
  • Codes
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Hunt A Killer Box
Hunt A Killer Box. Image Source: Top Down Reviews

All of this is provided for you to use to solve murder mysteries. In each box is a piece of a puzzle, or a “storyline,” like in a show.

Much Like Making a Murderer or Criminal Minds

This is a hands-on version of a show like Criminal Minds or Making a Murderer, and its quickly gaining popularity. True crime tends to be a popular genre of entertainment because it gives the average person a glimpse into evil.

But playing a game keeps them safe. Plus, gathering clues and solving a crime is always a thrill.

Listening Friends of America: True Crime Game Group

Subscribers are part of a crime story group. The group they belong to is called Listening Friends of America, and they receive their packages from a “Friend.”

This Essex-based murder mystery subscription box challenges players to 'Hunt a Killer' - Baltimore Sun
This Essex-based murder mystery subscription box challenges players to ‘Hunt a Killer’ – Baltimore Sun. Image Source: Baltimore Sun

According to the story, this person is in some type of isolation, but it’s not clear what kind. Packages contain letters and other details of a fictional murder that subscribers are supposed to solve.

The Birth of the Hunt a Killer True Crime Game

I Hunt Killers (Jasper Dent)
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 When Hunt a Killer was first launched in 2016 as a live event, participants solved a murder mystery on a property of 200 acres. The teams consisted of six people and they had three hours to solve the murder.

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It became such a success that the founders decided to explore making it into a subscription service true crime game.

Since so many people are looking for interactive entertainment options. Hunt a Killer has become pretty popular, with about 36,000 subscribers since it’s inception in October 2016.

If you’re looking for a unique gift for a loved one, or you’re just looking for something different to enjoy, this might be a thrilling new take on an age-old favorite pastime.

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