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I Hate Mondays: Where Is Brenda Ann Spencer Now?

The Grover Cleveland Elementary School shooting happened on the January, 29, 1979. It went down in San Diego, California, leaving a custodian and the principal dead.

Brenda Ann Spencer, a 16-year-old who lived across the street did the deed. She said it was because she simply hated Mondays.

There were also a few casualties. A cop and eight children were injured.

So, where is Brenda Ann Spencer now?

Coroner removes a body after the deadly Grover Cleveland Elementary School shooting by Brenda Ann Spencer
Coroner removes a body after the deadly Grover Cleveland Elementary School shooting by Brenda Ann Spencer. Image Source: Prison Rideshare Network

The Mass Shooting Case of 16-Year Old Brenda Ann Spencer

Brenda Spencer, who was 16 years old at the time, was convicted for the horrendous act. The teen school shooter lived across the street from Cleveland Elementary School.

She was charged as an adult with:

  1. Assault with a deadly weapon
  2. Two counts of murder

At 16 years old, Spencer was tried as an adult. She was sentenced the day after she turned 18, on April 4, 1980. The judge gave her 25 years to life in prison.

Tell Me Why I Don’t Like Mondays: Making Brenda Ann Spencer a Star

Where Is Brenda Spencer Now?

Today, Brenda Ann Spencer AKA Inmate #W14944 remains behind bars at the age of 56. She’s currently housed in the California Institution for Women (CIW) in Corona, CA. The famous prisoner has been housed there since April 14, 1980.

During her imprisonment, she was diagnosed with epilepsy. She’s received treatment for the condition, as well as treatment for depression. The ‘I Hate Mondays’ mass murderer repairs electronics while at CIW.

While serving her indefinite sentence, Spencer has appeared at several hearings for consideration of possible parole. She’s been denied every time.

Brenda Spencer Parole Hearing
Brenda Spencer Parole Hearing. Image Source: YouTube

Brenda Spencer’s 4 Different Parole Hearings

By December 2015, Spencer had unsuccessfully attended parole hearings four times:

Parole Hearing 1: During her first parole hearing, Spencer claimed she hoped the cops would gun her down. She also said that she was addicted to drugs and alcohol. Her claims contradicted the drug test results taken while in custody after the murder.

Parole Hearing 2: In 2001, she said she was subjected to domestic violence and sexual assault by her father. Her father confirmed the assertions were false. The chairman of the board also doubted the allegations since Spencer had never spoken about the assault to any of the prison staff.

Parole Hearing 3: During her 3rd hearing in the year 2005, a deputy district attorney in San Diego referred to self-harm scenario. This was 4 years before when Brenda’s girlfriend was set free from prison. This incident branded her as unfit and psychotic for release.

Parole Hearing 4: In the year 2009, the parole board declined her application again. They ruled that Brenda should serve 10 years before she can be illegible for another parole hearing . Today, she remains in a California Women’s Prison in Corona known as CIW.

Media Inspired by Brenda Ann Spencer’s Monday Massacre

I Don’t Like Mondays, a song by Bob Geldof, has its inspiration from the day Brenda shot up the San Diego elementary school.

A book was written by Jonathon Fast called Ceremonial Violence: A Psychological Explanation of School Shootings. Based on a psychological perspective, the Cleveland Elementary Shooting was analyzed, along with four others.

The book was published on September 4, 2008.

Other Books Inspired by Brenda Spencer’s School Shooting Case

Some other books behind the mass shooting at the San Diego elementary school include:

TV Docuseries Inspired by Brenda Spencer’s Horrendous Crime

There were some true crime docuseries inspired by the mass school shooting as well:

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