Plenty of food was on hand for prison staff and their families during Family Day at Indiana State Prison.
Prison Families & Loved Ones

Indiana State Prison Staff Celebrates Family Day

Tuesday, The News Dispatch reported that Indiana State Prison held their Annual Family Day recently. They wanted to allow prison staff to enjoy time with their families. The event, held in a carnival style, had around 500 staff and guests in attendance.

Fun Times for Prison Staff & Families

For entertainment, there were elephant ears and horse-drawn carriages, a picnic and many games for the children. There were local vendors around encouraging healthy lifestyles. And, visitors were treated to a tour of the Indiana State Prison facility.

Family Day celebrated at Indiana State Prison
Family Day celebrated at Indiana State Prison
Image Source: The News Dispatch

The emergency squad of the Indiana prison also had demonstrations showing how situations are handled by the staff and correctional officers. Part of the highlights was the presence of the Michigan City Police Department and their electric cars.

The event was almost marred by the rain and abrupt change in plans. It gave families of prison staff members opportunities to meet coworkers and get acquainted with their workplace. In all, everyone had a great time,  thanks to the facilities’ Employee Appreciation Planning Committee, which sponsored the event.

Words from the Indiana State Prison Warden

Ron Neal, the warden of Indiana State Prison, applauded the tireless efforts of the Employee Appreciation Committee. The group saw to it that relatives and friends of the prison staff were able to visit the facility to spend the day with their family members.

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According to Neal, the event was like a carnival. It was one of the most interesting times of the year for the correctional facility, its staff and family members. This event further encourages the spirit of unity and teamwork. And, it goes a long way in restoring confidence in the field of corrections and correctional officers.

Plenty of food was on hand for prison staff and their families during Family Day at Indiana State Prison.
Plenty of food was on hand for prison staff and their families during Family Day at Indiana State Prison.
Image Source: The News Dispatch

About Indiana State Prison

The Indiana State Prison was built in 1860. It is the oldest correctional facility currently in operation by the Indiana Department of Corrections. It covers about 100 acres of land on the west side of Michigan City.

There are 51 buildings on the Indiana prison facility. This includes:

  • 13 offender housing units
  • Garages
  • Steam plant
  • Warehouses
  • 5 prison staff housing units
  • Industry buildings

About 24 acres of land is surrounded by walled compounds. A minimum-security unit is sited on the grounds outside the wall.

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