Inmate Mingle helps prisoners find people to date on the outside.
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Inmate Mingle: New Free Mobile Prison Dating App Hits the Scene (Video)

Who would believe there’d be a mobile prison dating app for meeting incarcerated offenders? It’s called Inmate Mingle. And, it’s very popular these days.

New Free Mobile Prison Dating App: Inmate Mingle Hits the Scene

Inmate Mingle is the new free mobile prison dating app you simply must download.
Inmate Mingle is the new free mobile prison dating app you simply must download. Image Source: Twitter

Inmate Mingle allows incarcerated offenders to chat and possibly date people on the outside for free. Many people love developing relationships with people behind bars, and this latest mobile app might be all they would ever need to make it happen.

According to information posted on the prison dating website, the app is:

“The premiere 21st century way to find an inmate pen pal, whether you are looking for a new friend to correspond with or you are seeking a relationship and new love.”

Inmate Mingle: First Prison Dating Service to Introduce a Mobile App

The prisoner dating website and app feature a wide selection of inmates available for inside relationships. Each listed inmate shares his profile and descriptions. They describe their personalities as well as likes and dislikes, and equally tell what they are looking for in a partner.

All an interested person needs to do is to contact the desired inmate for a chat request. Each inmate has his mailing address publicly displayed in their profile and some few others have their email system access displayed.

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You only need to initiate a chat and then sit back to await response from the other side. Now, how’s that for a mobile prison dating app?

Inmate Mingle helps prisoners find people to date on the outside.
Inmate Mingle helps prisoners find people to date on the outside. Image Source: WSBTV

Is the Inmate Mingle Mobile Prison Dating App Safe?

Inmate Mingle is not the first website to making dating a prisoner possible. There is and several others out there, but Inmate Mingle is the first to introduce a mobile app for prisoner dating.

While many prison inmates have gone on to find lovers on the outside via prison dating services, a former inmate Joseph Parrett warns people to be careful.

He warned that convicted offenders could be dangerous, and that they could nurse dishonorable intentions. Parrett calls the scenario where inmates scam pen pals as “running game.”

Video: Looking for love behind bars? There’s an app for that.

Check out this video which talks about the new free mobile prison dating app known as Inmate Mingle.

Exercise Due Diligence When Dealing With Prison Pen Pals & Prison Dating Apps

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 Parrett made it clear that some inmates are desperate for money to buy daily prison needs. So they resort to ripping off innocent lovers. According to him, these inmates lie to get money, so it is best to “use your head” when dealing with an inmate via a prison pen pal service:

“There’s people in there who change their lives and are good people and when they write you, they mean everything they say. But there there’s some, my God, you know?”

Inmate Mingle also warns users to be wary and exercise due diligence when dealing with prison pen pals on their mobile prison dating app:

“The appropriate safeguards should be used in communicating with any person(s) that you may meet through this service.

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