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Prison Inmates Refurbish 350 Wheelchairs for Donation to Disabled Harvey Victims

Prison inmates at the Taft Correctional Facility have refurbished 350 wheelchairs for donation to victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Prison wheelchairs
Maurice, who would only go by his first name, was paralyzed after being shot by a police officer. Currently, he faces charges for wounding his girlfriend and her friend in a shooting in May 2012. | Jessica Koscielniak / Chicago Sun-Times

The wheelchairs were donated through the Joni and Friends program, a ministry dedicated to distributing free wheelchairs to disabled persons worldwide. The wheelchairs were distributed to people who really needed them for mobility as a result of Harvey in Houston.

350 Wheelchairs, 100 Walkers, 100 Crutches and 35 Canes Donated to Prison Inmates

Joni and Friends was founded close to 40 years ago by Joni Eareckson Tada, a quadriplegic. The organization acquires refurbished wheelchairs and then passes them off to inmates at the Taft Correctional Facility for repairs. The ministry says the inmates’ repair works on the wheelchairs provides them with a way of giving back to the society.

When Hurricane Harvey hit, the prison inmates finished up with 350 wheelchairs, 100 walkers, 100 crutches and 35 canes. The Joni and Friends ministry usually donates wheelchairs and walkers and crutches to disabled persons all around the world. But this is the first time they would be giving out these supplies to users in the US.

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Ten-Year-Old Carlos and Others Receive Free Wheelchair Donations

Hurrican HarveyOne of the persons that were blessed with the donated wheelchairs is 10-year-old Carlos in Houston.

When the hurricane hit, Carlos and several others were evacuated from their homes. But Carlos’ wheelchair was left behind in the haste that ensued.

Carlos’ mother could not return home to retrieve the wheelchair because their home had been overflowed with sewage water.

Meanwhile, the wheelchair was way too small for the boy, but the one he had just received is a perfect fit.

“With so many people needing attention following the hurricane, those with disabilities were often left out or the last to receive care,” wrote A. Larry Ross Communications. “Hope was brought to Carlos, his mother, and that hard-hit Texas community through Joni and Friends’ timely distribution of wheelchairs and Beyond Suffering Bibles!”

Another man, 50, also got a well-deserved wheelchair after his hurricane-ravaged home was looted and his wheelchair stolen.

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