A shot of a prison in Rosharon, Texas, during Hurricane Harvey.
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Inmates and Residents Leave Virginia Ahead of Hurricane Florence

Virginia has been declared a state of emergency and Hurricane Florence heads towards the East Coast. Prisoners and residents relocating.

South Carolina Ignores Inmate Relocation Orders For Hurricane Florence

Relocation From Virginia State Prison

Inmates housed at the Virginia State Prison are being relocated before the arrival of Hurricane Florence. The relocation was ordered by Governor Ralph Northam. He ordered all people living in the low-lying coastal areas be relocated immediately before the strike of Hurricane Florence.

Because of his order, 1000 inmates at the Virginia Indian Creek Correctional Center located in Chesapeake were to be relocated on September 10, 2018.

Where Are They Being Relocated To?

The relocated inmates were taken to Greensville Correctional Center. The facility is located outside of the city of Jarratt. It is further inland and away from the coast. It is the largest prison in the state.

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Canceled Visits to All Prisons in Virginia

The Virginia Department of Corrections canceled visits to all prisons in the state on 8th and 9th September 2018. This was necessary for the facilities to finalize all preparations for the relocation ahead of the hurricane.

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When the Storm is Expected to Hit

Hurricane Florence is expected to make her first appearance on September 13, 2018. This is when they predict it will reach the coast of Carolinas. Because of its close proximately, this puts Virginia at risk of being in the path of the storm.

Who Else is Moving Because of Hurricane Florence?

It’s not just the inmates being moved to safe areas to be protected from the storm. It is also the animals and people residing in the low-lying coastal areas who have to get out of the areas.

The Governor declared a state of emergency, warning people the storm could make its way inland. It means everyone should leave and make their way to safety.

There are always people who decide not to move from their homes despite the warnings. However, many people are not risking it. They have left their homes for safer areas. On Tuesday the 11th of September, traffic on the roads was heavy and tight.

A shot of a prison in Rosharon, Texas, during Hurricane Harvey.
This image of a Texas prison flooded during Hurricane Harvey should be enough of a reason to show why evacuation during a storm is the humane thing to do. Image Source: San Antonio Express News

People are moving inland from the coast. They are carrying with them their most valuable possessions.

Shelters have opened up to house those fleeing their homes. Around 50 shelters are open since Wednesday, the 12th of September at 6 p.m. The shelters are capable of housing up to 1 million people.

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