This Kim Kardashian prison meme is the #1 Liked #PrisonVisits post on Instagram.
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Instagram’s Top 9 Liked #PrisonVisits Posts 09.16.2017

It’s the social media age, and we’re all caught in the habit of posting everything about us on social media; perhaps not everything. #PrisonVisits are a big deal for both the families of an incarcerated person and the inmate. It’s a rare opportunity to be with and enjoy a moment with an incarcerated loved one.

#PrisonVisits on Instagram

Unlike most other things, most people feel ashamed to update the world or involve the world in their relationship with prison loved ones. Besides the societal stigma attached to having a close family locked up behind bars, some feel the need to respect the privacy of the incarcerated person throughout their road to freedom.

Any which way, some people are convenient about their situation as a prison loved one to the extent of being humorous about it. Instagram has proved to be an inclusive community for all and prison loved ones are using hastags to narrate their experience to the world.

The #PrisonLovedOnes community is very active. We enjoy posting pictures of ourselves preparing for visits to prisons and headed to prisons to see the people we love. The most amazing pics are the ones of the actual prison visits themselves.

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